Set selected value in Drop Down

I have inherited a classic asp website and I am having some trouble with 1 particular section of it.

There is a drop down list with 3 shipping options in it. The 1st item in the list is "Please Select". This 1st option is set as "selected".

When the use enters their Zip Code, it runs a prototype ajax updater routine that reloads the shipping options in the drop down.

After it loads the options, it is selecting the last option in the list instead of the 1st option of "Please Select".

When you look at the html code, it sill shows that the 1st option is "selected". So, I assume that the last option is being selected via javascript as part of the ajax routine and exists in RAM instead of written html.

How in the world do I troubleshoot this and where do I look to see how the selected item is being selected?

Any guidance is appreciated!
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GenesisTechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Please close and delete this question - I figured out the problem.

Thank you!
post the code or BETTER a link to your page
GenesisTechAuthor Commented:
Leakim- What code are you interested in seeing? The ajax call?
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GenesisTechAuthor Commented:
function updateshipzipcodecountryajax(form) {
   document.getElementById("selresultlist").innerHTML="<img src='images/ajaxshippingload.gif' border='0'> checking availability...";
   document.getElementById('Action').disabled = true;
   var checkingurl="dnswajaxshippingzipcodecountry.asp";
   var pars = 'zipcode=' + form.shipzip.value + '&country=' + form.shipcountry.value +'';
   var url = checkingurl + '?' + pars;
   var target = 'selresultlist';
   var myAjax = new Ajax.Updater(target, checkingurl, {method: 'post',parameters: pars});
   document.getElementById('Action').disabled = false;
GenesisTechAuthor Commented:
The resulting page looks like this but the last Option winds up being selected.

<div name='selresultlist' id="selresultlist">
<select size=1 name="shipmethodType" onchange="shippingCheck(this)">            

<option value="" selected>Select</option>

<option value="U.S. Standard (Typically 2-3 Days) [$7.90]">U.S. Standard (Typically 2-3 Days) [$7.90</option>
<option value="U.S. Expedited (Typically Next Day) [$25.00]">U.S. Expedited (Typically Next Day) [$25.00</option>
<option value="Pick Up [$0.00]">Pick Up [$0.00]</option>
GenesisTechAuthor Commented:
Please close and delete this question - I figured out the problem.

Thank you!
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