Need photo management and delivery solution

Hey everyone,
I work in the healthcare field, and we have a pretty specific need when it comes to photos. Physicians like to take photos on their personal cell phones (for legitimate treatment purposes) because it's very convenient. However, that practice causes headaches when it comes to privacy and security regulations, as it should.

Here is a very high level layout of what I'm looking for.

Mobile photo app
Allows entry of metadata for each photo (for indexing, searching etc)
Tied to a specific storage medium (cloud or other alternatives)
No ability to download photos to local device
Ability to send a link to the photo to someone else if needed (not send the actual photo)
Authentication required of course, if possible
Maybe some sort of control to delete photos after a pre-determined amount of time

Can anyone point me in the direction of a solution (or a combination of solutions) that would be close to satisfying some of these requirements?

Thanks in advance.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Technically, you are downloading them to even view them.  At that point it is just a screen shot to save them.
isaacr25Author Commented:
I understand that. I'm looking for reasonable safeguards, not something that's 100% unbeatable.
"No ability to download photos to local device" but these physicians own those photos in that they took them on their phones??
So you need a one place for all.
Hosting your own web page sounds the ideal solution
 host your own web page like Photobucket put a copyright text across the images.
With your own hosted web page>
Allows entry of metadata for each photo (for indexing, searching etc)
 and setup protocols to prevent downloading and then have these people sign in to upload their pictures .
I'm not sure it's possible to full fill all your requests.
As isaacr25 revealed. Easy enough to use the snipping tool.

Tied to a specific storage medium (cloud or other alternatives)
There is OneDrive/formally skydrive
Comparing cloud storage on iCloud, Google Drive and OneDriveonedrive-help
With my Microsoft  account I upload video or photos to OneDrive  then share it with a person/or persons and they receive an email with a link they click on this link and it opens in OneDrive or SkyDrive and they can play it there.
There is also the option to download it but as you want that removed I believe that's unlikely as each person has their own photos to upload and share through their own OneDrive.

With Meta Data I would have thought you'd want t remove it for safety reasons.
BillDL wrote a nice a piece about it here 
and shows how this metadata can be used he also mentions
for removing hidden metadata from JPG images

Does this give a direction more ideas?

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
@Merete, the first problem is that the physicians are violating several regulations in putting the patient photos on their phones in the first place.  It is essentially against US law to put patient information anywhere that is not under lock and key and your control.  So outside 'hosting' is almost out of the question.

As for the physicians 'owning' the photos, in a medical situation that is questionable when the pictures are of patients.  I believe that legally, you would have to have the patient's permission or a warrant to share those pictures with a third party when they are not part of the medical information system.
Thankyou Dave appreciate this as I'm in Australia, but those laws should be the same.
I suppose they would need to find a way to have a photo meeting privately on a local network?
Will take that onboard as I didn't know that. ;)
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I don't know if Australia has it's own version of the US HIPAA laws.  Me and my medical friends figured that some US politician had STDs and someone leaked his medical records... so they passed a law making it illegal to allow anyone not part of the medical treatment team, not even other doctors, to see any part of a person's medical records.  You can probably guess how well that usually works in practice but that is the law.
isaacr25Author Commented:
That's correct. Legally they can access and view patient info, but there are regulations around the privacy and security of the info. For instance, they can certainly view photos etc., but those photos should have reasonable safeguards around them.

It's not looking like there is any one solution that can satisfy these needs. I'll have to look at a combination of possible solutions.
I know of a few doctors who have their own Facebook isaacr25, if the face of the individuals is not shown should be fine.
If there is any concerns fade out their faces and get their permissions if their images will be used in a public place.
I exampled how to blur a face here, very easy to do.
isaacr25Author Commented:
Hi Merete,
The regulations are much more complex than that. Faces are not the only type of image that are covered. Any image that is unique enough to identify an individual would be subject to protection.
Thank you isaacr25, I completely understand how the worldwide internet puts us in an entirely different exposed situation, available to everything and anyone compared to the old days of sharing information in a group with no internet.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Best Wishes
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