access forms: Have small text box, would like to expand to full screen on double click

I have a sub-form with a small, single text box that users enter comments into. I would like to expand this to a full screen on a button click or something to make the comments more readable. the access shift F2 zoom box is not large enough.
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You can create form with this field only and open it on double click

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jsgouldAuthor Commented:
als315: I think something is missing
1. Create a form bound to a query that includes only the unique ID of the record and the field you want to display.  Make it as large as you want.  Make sure the option to display scroll bars is selected so if it is larger than the box on your form, you can still see it by scrolling.
2. Set the form to not allow deletions and not allow additions.
3. Open the form using the DoCmd.OpenForm method.  Use the where argument to specify the record you want to see  - "RecID = " & Me.RecID
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jsgouldAuthor Commented:
PatHartman the subform is already displaying the record in the small text box. I want to popup a larger, read only  display of the same info
And I told you how to do that.  The F2 is free.  Anything else, you have to build yourself.  If you don't want to allow edits.  Set that to no also.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
>  I want to popup a larger, read only display of the same info.

Then an unbound form will do:

Create a form with a textbox, txtView, of your preferred size.
Have code in the OnLoad event of the form:

    If Not IsNull(Me.OpenArgs) Then
        Me!txtView.Value = Me.OpenArgs
    End If

From your main form, open the form like this:

    If Not IsNull(Me!YourFieldToView.Value) Then
        DoCmd.OpenForm "frmLargeView", , , , , acDialog, Me!YourFieldToView.Value
    End If

Look at sample
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
Als315 & Gustav Brock; Thank you for the examples!

The small text subform is already loaded with text from a very complex query. I do not want to issue another query for this. I want to refer to the small sub form text box to extract the text.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
If you prefer, you can also use the OnOpen event of the popup form to retrieve the text from the main form.

The popup form can be unbound.  Use something like the following as the ControlSource for the big text box.


Although, if the small textbox is updateable, I'm not sure why you don't want this form to allow updates.  It will just annoy the user or he won't bother to open the big textbox.
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