Excel VBA function to extract "Date taken" info from jpg files

hi there, I'm looking for a function to extract the "Date taken" info from jpg files, given the jpg URL.

function GetDateTaken(myURL)

It's been a while since i used VBA so a complete working function, if it's not many lines, would be great.

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Anthony BerenguelCommented:
GivenLocation = "c:\temp\" 'note the trailing backslash
OldFileName = "SomeFileName.xls"
NewFileName = "DifferentFileName.xls"
Name GivenLocation & OldFileName As GivenLocation & NewFileName

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I have used this before.
Source http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/586216-excel-visual-basic-applications-rename-existing-file.html

Of course you'll need to modify this code to extract the date out of the file name.  In which format is the date presented in the file name?
Farzad AkbarnejadDeveloperCommented:
I import a class from http://sourceforge.net/projects/exifclass/ into a sample macro enabled file and write your proper function in a module. I attached a sample with this comment. Press Alt+F11 to see its code and test the function in module.


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xeniumAuthor Commented:
hi Farzad, thanks that looks like it'll do the trick. I tried your sample and get error "User defined type not defined", and the following line is highlighted:

Public Property Get Tag(Optional ByVal ExifTag As EXIF_TAG) As Variant

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Is there something else I need to do?

Thanks again.
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Farzad AkbarnejadDeveloperCommented:
No. All you need I include it. Make sure that you enable content and macro (code) when load it in Excel. Probably by clicking on two buttons.

Farzad AkbarnejadDeveloperCommented:
You must use the function I add it to Genral module. You can testit using immediate window by pressing ctrl+g in code editor.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Oops sorry seems to work fine now! Thanks a millon!
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Good stuff thanks!
Farzad AkbarnejadDeveloperCommented:
Glad to help you. :)

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