I have done CCNA  in 2007 however never utilized the knowledge much, I want to learn Juniper also just to administration level. I think better on firewall.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
That is a very broad question. Juniper has lots of how-to documents on their website and they have a lot of models of equipment. This leads to differences and what you know about one series may not apply to other series.

I use Juniper Netscreen SSG machines as VPN firewalls at several clients. Then (long story), I use NCP Secure Entry as the VPN application to access the Juniper SSG machines.

What area of Juniper are you trying to learn?  
Having an actual machine to work on will be essential to good learning.
ITISEMEAAuthor Commented:
firewall will be the right one. However I want to have good admin knowledge. I want one stream that can be good in most of the industry.
Faruk Onder YerliOwnerCommented:
CCNA explains base stones of network. CCNP gives you advanced ability of trouble shooting and alternative technology knowledge.

Juniper has JunOS as well as IOS. Base of network terminologies are same. But in JunOS you need to know more deeply theoretical information about  network. SSG and similar equipment already end of life. Their OS was not functional. But new generation equipment use JunOS and it is sucessfull OS. Also it gives you linux power and flexibility  to use in router.

Of course most important case in study, what you need.  If you want to write something in resume, JunOS security certification can be good.
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ITISEMEAAuthor Commented:
Could i get some relevant and explanatory urls. I am not planning to have indepth knowledge just basic knowledge that i can do small tasks in juniper.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You will be best with a machine to learn on. Reading is OK but one learns by doing.

eBay has numerous Juniper SSG devices. I see SSG5 machines between $300 and $400 and some books as well.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Certain corrects re: http:#a40386918:
IOS should be ScreenOS.
it is not true that SSGs are EOL as a whole, only certain models are.
"Their OS was not functional" is a very bold statement, as they are working fine. Juniper just doesn't want to maintain two OS, and JunOS is their own OS (NetScreen has been merged into Juniper), so they are more interested in keeping that.

ITISEMEA, you still didn't tell which direction you want to go. If you think big, JunOS is your choice, as Juniper will no doubt keep and expand that, and there is much more documentation and seminars available for it.
Faruk Onder YerliOwnerCommented:
ScreenOS is dead. If we are talking now it can be JunOS. New generation SRX much better than SSG Netscreen series. You can just find secod hand SSG without support.
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