configuring call ID on UC520

Hi EE,

I have two companies (A and B) that uses the same UC520 router.

Company A uses 12345100 for their main line and B uses 12345200.

There is only one reception that answers for both companies. The receptionist has 12345255 as their number. When someone calls from outside to company A or B it gets forwarded to 12345300. However receptionist only sees the outside line and doesn’t know whether call is for company A or B.

Is it possible to set the router so that receptionist can see that a call forwarded to 12345255 is for 12345100 or 12345200?

Looking forward to pointers and directions.
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Configure a Prefix on the incoming calling number. So if someone is calling you from 5551234, then on your display show it as 005551234 for Company A, and 115551234 for Company B. You'll just have to train your receptionist and users on how to read this.

My recommendation is to get a multi-line phone like a 7965 or something and assign one button for Company A calls and another button for Company B calls.

Plenty of ways to skin a cat.
How many extension  buttons does the receptionist use.
Forwarding is done where?
If the numbers are forwarded within the TELCO, often using the IE header it should indicate that the call is being forwarded and include the number that was originally dialed, the difficulty you may face is that the phone in use, does not have the space to display that information.

How IS the UC520 connected?  any reason why the numbers were not ported if a VOIP line, or why the lines changed to this location if a FXO lines?

What numbers are available on the UC520 i.e. do you have multiple numbers (DIDs) on the UC520 such that you could forward company A to one number and company B to another. if that is possible, having the receptionist distinguish between Company A extension and Company B extension (which could have distinct rings as an auditory cue) does not work well when the person is on the phone when the other extension is rang
The prefix is also a good trick, as noted requires the Receptionist to look at the display....
DaeraAuthor Commented:
Phone has 6 buttons (7965) and all used so I guess getting rid of two people that have been assigned buttons and using prefix.

All calls are forwarded within UC router.

Btw, how do you set the prefixes?
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The Prefix is set in the pattern match on the incoming call processing.  You would match the called number ......
DaeraAuthor Commented:
Thanks just having a look just before and made setting as:

dial-peer voice 1000 pots
 description Company A
 translation-profile incoming Company_A_TRANSLATION_PROFILE
 incoming called-number 12345100
 port 0/1/1
prefix 00
The prefix described deals with altering the calling number info not defining a prefix.

This is done within the company_a_translation_profile

Where the calling number goes through a pattern match that captures the current data and alters it to include the 00 before the number, note that this approach will mock up the directory of received/missed calls as far as dialing them back.

Currently when the receptionist calls out the absence of a specific extension means that the outgoing call is not matched to a specific company.

Not sure your phone can handle an expansion to truly make the station as a receptionist.
DaeraAuthor Commented:
Ok so here is the translation rule:

voice translation-rule 30
 rule 1 /12345100/ /255/

So calls coming for 100 goes to 255.

Ummm went through the link above but didnt really go into setting prefixes but mostly translation rules.
The company_A_translation_profile needs to alter the calling-number by adding the prefix.

The translation rules deal with how to get the calling number and to prepended it with 00.
DaeraAuthor Commented:
I can see how translation rules prefixes 00 infront of an incoming call. However when testing the calls it doesnt go through because the number is not a legit number.

This works
voice translation-rule 30
 rule 1 /12345100/ /255/

Doesnt work.
voice translation-rule 30
 rule 1 /12345100/ /00255/
you are applying the wrong translation rule.  The last link posted, deals with using
translate calling X

voice translation-rule X
rule 1 /(.*)/ /00\1/

this should prepend the calling number with 00.

use the testing example:
test translation-rule X 12345100

Note that you are not altering the forwarding, you are altering the Calling Parties Caller-ID such that the translation-rule is taking any number the telco provides you (.*) which is assigned to \1 and modifies it by prepending 00 to the data stored in the variable by the matching condition (\1)
rule 1 /(.*)/ /00\1/
DaeraAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to get a correct understanding as I haven't worked with rules before.
outside              internal           reception
989877344 -> 12345100 -> 12345255

So the reception answers and sees 00989877344

Currently rule 30 only deals with internal translating 100 -> 255

There is also another rule that is referred to by profiles on the BRI interfaces that is:

voice translation-rule 2
 rule 1 /^.*$/ /0912345255/

where 09 is area code.

There are also profiles defined for none dialable rule, outgoing, mainline, etc

So this will be a new defined rule with a profile defined for it like Company_A_Profile_Caller_ID.

Then link rule x above to it.


voice translation-profile Company_A_Profile_Caller_ID.
 translate calling 1000

voice translation-rule 1000
rule 1 /(.*)/ /00\1/

btw: this rule rule 1 /(.*)/ /00\1/ doesnt work for UC520
What are the results of running the following using cli?
test translation-rule 1000 6273647
And see whether the result is 006273647.

Use debug to see whether the incoming call hits the company_a_profile_caller_id

Post the config portion that deals with the incoming call handling
Usually the translation rules has
Rule 1 /externalnumber/ /internal extenssion/

Not sure what your setup represents do you have company number => internal extension which then forwards the call to another internal extenssion?
DaeraAuthor Commented:
The router is not able to accept the matching pattern.

UC520(cfg-translation-rule)#rule 1 ?
  /WORD/  Matching pattern
  reject  Call block rule

UC520(cfg-translation-rule)#rule 1 /(.*)/?% trailing \
% Unrecognized command
What iOS version are you running?
rule 1 /(.*)/ /00\1/

What message do you get?
DaeraAuthor Commented:
Cisco IOS Software, UC500 Software (UC500-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 15.1(2)T4

Not able to put the above rule in as shown by the error above.
Forgot, the escape of perenthesis ^ start of $ end of line.
rule 1 /^\(.*\)$/ /00\1/

use show voice translation-rule X to get an explanation of what happens.

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DaeraAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Have applied the rule and the test gives the desired results. However not quite sure how this all hangs.

UC520#test voice translation-rule 1000 123456
Matched with rule 1
Original number: 123456 Translated number: 00123456
Original number type: none      Translated number type: none
Original number plan: none      Translated number plan: none

Below are all the rules defined for Company A

-------config company A-------

voice translation-rule 12
 rule 1 /12345100/ /255/

voice translation-rule 1000
 rule 1 /^\(.*\)$/ /00\1/

voice translation-profile Company_A_Profile_Caller_ID.
 translate calling 1000

voice translation-profile Company_A_RECEPTION-OP_Called
 translate calling 3265
 translate called 12
you could try adding to the company A description pots 1000 the
Translate calling 1000
You seem to be adding profiles which is also possible.

Is the number a POTS line/FXO a, or a VOIP sip feed?
DaeraAuthor Commented:
It is Is the number a POTS line/FXO.
Add the entry translate calling 1000 into the voice peer 1000 pots.

Note that these changes will prevent the ability of using the missed call, received call listing to call back unless you add a rule on the outgoing side that will look for 900#9 and will using the reverse to strip out the 00 or 01 on the called side.
DaeraAuthor Commented:
Thanks arnold.
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