Python : how to make a python files on service ( Windows )

hello all

how to how to add a script python files on service ( Windows ) ?

my python files a feature that I would like turn on service and

how to start bash files on start windows

hexo darkAsked:
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Please re-read your question. It is not understandable and guessing is not experts' work :)
hexo darkAuthor Commented:
how to Getting a Python script to run in the background (as a service) on boot ?
and how to Getting a bash script to run on boot windows ?

Use the task scheduler. Task scheduler knows a trigger named "at startup".
For python, the script would need to be called by the python executable, so the tasks command would be python's executable and the argument would be your script.

As for bash: that is unix. If you meant to write "batch", then task scheduler is again your solution.

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hexo darkAuthor Commented:
I'm wrong a bash file = .bat file sorry I am accustomed to talk about the term linux
hexo darkAuthor Commented:
came here. He asked my friend write correct English
Do you still need assistance? Then please say where you are stuck.
hexo darkAuthor Commented:
Your solution is good
This is not a correct solution
service is different than scheduler.
s_raj93, please explain. It makes no difference clearly, because the scheduled task has the same executor as the service
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