Fast server but slow


I have seen new customer who has Dell T610 server. This is the spec:

PowerEdge T610 Tower Chassis for Up to 8x 3.5" HDDs and Intel
55xx/56xx Processors
Intel Xeon E5620 Processor (2.40GHz, 4C, 12M Cache, 5.86 GT/s QPI, 80W
TDP, Turbo, HT), DDR3-1066MHz
32GB Memory for 1CPU (4x4GB Dual Rank RDIMMs) 1333MHz
5 x 300GB SAS 6Gbps 15k 3.5" HD Hot Plug
PERC 6/i RAID Controller Card 256MB PCIe, 2x4 Connectors
16X DVD-ROM Drive with SATA Cable
PV HH LTO3-080 400GB Internal Tape Drive with H200A Controller and Cable
High Output Redundant Power Supply (2 PSU) 870W, Performance BIOS
Dell UPS, Tower, 1000W, 230V, Incl. Cable Pack
Embedded Broadcom GbE LOM with TOE and iSCSI Offload HW Key
iDRAC6 Enterprise
Dell MS111 USB Optical Mouse
Keyboard : UK/Irish (QWERTY) Dell Standard Quietkey USB Keyboard Black
Microsoft SBS 2011, Standard Edition, English,
C3 MSS R5 for PERC 6i/H700, Min. 3 Max. 8 Drives 1 S

It has installed Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 and Symantec Endpoint Protection. The server is domain controller - we have 8 pcs onsite and another 7 connecting over vpn. There are Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Exchange Server 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Terminal Server installed. We have 10 concurrent users using HP Thin Clients connecting to the terminal server all the time. We also have Sage ACT 13 Premium installed on the server which uses SQL. Users mostly use Office programs and Outlook connected to this Exchange (not cached mode). They aslo open PDF files, browse the internet. All of them use Sage ACT 13 Premium. Both Office have fibre optic connection 80/20 mb.

Users complain all the time about the performance of terminal server sessions (rdp). They say that it takes ages to open pdf document sometimes. Other times they wait up to 15 minutes to open Sage Act in their rdp session.

I think that there is just too much on the server. I said that even getting new server will not solve it as the new spec of another £5k Dell T620 server is pretty similar: same SAS 15k drives for example.

Could you advise how to make it all work much faster and better. They have tried Sage ACT 13 access in web browser but it was even worse. There is plenty of space on the hard drives.

Any ideas for improvement?

Tom SkowyrskiAsked:
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
Have you run any Perfmon on that box to see what the problem is? I mean where is the bottleneck - CPU, MEM, IO?

I would look at CPU, MEM and Average Disk Queue length counters to see what's the problem then try to tackle it depending on which resources are lacking.

Also, please check SQL MAX memory is set default SQL (if used) will take as much memory it can for data/plan cache.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:

Can you confirm if there is a second server being utilised for the Terminal Server or are they using the SBS??  I'm presuming that they have a second server as RDS on SBS isn't supported?

You can limit the amount of memory exchange and SQL uses but I think you're correct when saying its doing too much.
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
It looks like you can have Terminals Services on SBS 2011:

I missed out in the spec the following:
2XG-00438, Win SBS Premaddon 2011 MOL , NL Standard 1 Lics
021-09707 OFice Std OLP v2010 NL
6VC-01164, Win RMT DS CAL 2008 R2 MOL, NL Standard 1 Lics x 10
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Single Processor. Too less memory for all the users. Raid5 is that correct?

i would buy a second server and buy a new windows 2012 standard license, install hyper-v on that so you have 2 additional licenses for hyper-v hosts, on one you install terminalservice with sage and office on it and on the second one sql server.

the existing server will do all the rest dc, exchange and so on. Sharepoint or sharepoint foundation? if sharepoint -> SQL database to the "second one sql server"

but icohan is also writing correct check perfmon to find the bottleneck. I guess everything except network ;-)
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
The SBS premium addon is just a licence for a second Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 Standard which is meant to be installed on a second physical / virtual server - Is this the case?

SBS does come with the remote desktop gateway role natively installed but installing the rest of the RDS roles is a no no.

I would check the Anti-Virus configuration as well. Check to see how it is set to scan.

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Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
I will check perfmon and report back. Yes, single CPU. Speccy reported RAID as follows but it looks like RAID5:
836GB DELL PERC H700 SCSI Disk Device (RAID)
278GB DELL PERC H700 SCSI Disk Device (RAID)

1. I was actually thinking of migrating exchange into Office 365. Disabling SharePoint as they don't use it all (just has been installed with SBS).
2. Would it make difference a lot if we replaced HP Thin Clients in the office where server is (5 -6 pcs) with normal i5 processors which would have Sage on them connecting to Sage on the server and each pc would have Symantec Endpoint and Office etc, and the roaming profiles.
3. I know that they install Microsoft Updates on the server regularly (not sure if there is local WSUS).
4. Would updating Backup Exec 2010 and Symantec Endpoint (they have 12.1.1000.157) to the latest editions help?
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
The list of all services on the server:
<entry title="Running" value="ACT! Service Host"/>
<entry title="Running" value="ACT! Smart Task Service Host"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Active Directory Certificate Services"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Active Directory Domain Services"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Active Directory Web Services"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Adobe Acrobat Update Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Application Experience"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Application Host Helper Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Background Intelligent Transfer Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec Agent Browser"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec Device & Media Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec DLO Administration Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec DLO Maintenance Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec Error Recording Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec Job Engine"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec Management Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Backup Exec Server"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Base Filtering Engine"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Block Level Backup Engine Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Certificate Propagation"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Client Site Proxy"/>
<entry title="Running" value="CNG Key Isolation"/>
<entry title="Running" value="COM+ Event System"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Cryptographic Services"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DCOM Server Process Launcher"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Desktop Window Manager Session Manager"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DFS Namespace"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DFS Replication"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DHCP Client"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Diagnostic Policy Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Distributed Transaction Coordinator"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DNS Client"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DNS Server"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DSM SA Connection Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DSM SA Event Manager"/>
<entry title="Running" value="DSM SA Shared Services"/>
<entry title="Running" value="File Replication Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="File Server Resource Manager"/>
<entry title="Running" value="File Server Storage Reports Manager"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Function Discovery Provider Host"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Group Policy Client"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Human Interface Device Access"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Hyper-V Image Management Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Hyper-V Networking Management Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management"/>
<entry title="Running" value="IIS Admin Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Intersite Messaging"/>
<entry title="Running" value="IP Helper"/>
<entry title="Running" value="IPsec Policy Agent"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Kerberos Key Distribution Center"/>
<entry title="Running" value="LMIGuardianSvc"/>
<entry title="Running" value="LogMeIn"/>
<entry title="Running" value="LogMeIn Maintenance Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Message Queuing"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Address Book"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Anti-spam Update"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange File Distribution"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Forms-Based Authentication service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Information Store"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Mail Submission"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Protected Service Host"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Replication"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Search Indexer"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Service Host"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange System Attendant"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Throttling"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Transport"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Microsoft Search (Exchange)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="mr2kserv"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Net.Msmq Listener Adapter"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Net.Pipe Listener Adapter"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Net.Tcp Listener Adapter"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Netlogon"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Network Connections"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Network List Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Network Location Awareness"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Network Policy Server"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Network Store Interface Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Plug and Play"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Power"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Print Spooler"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Protexis Licensing V2"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Remote Access Connection Manager"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Remote Desktop Configuration"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Remote Desktop Gateway"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Remote Desktop Services"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Remote Procedure Call (RPC)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Remote Registry"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Routing and Remote Access"/>
<entry title="Running" value="RPC Endpoint Mapper"/>
<entry title="Running" value="RPC/HTTP Load Balancing Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Security Accounts Manager"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Server"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Server Infrastructure License Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SharePoint 2010 Administration"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SharePoint 2010 Timer"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SharePoint 2010 Tracing"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SharePoint 2010 VSS Writer"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SharePoint Foundation Search V4"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Shell Hardware Detection"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher (SBSMONITORING)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher (SHAREPOINT)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Server (ACT7)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Server (BKUPEXEC)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Server (SBSMONITORING)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Server (SHAREPOINT)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Server Browser"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SQL Server VSS Writer"/>
<entry title="Running" value="SSDP Discovery"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Symantec Embedded Database"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Symantec Endpoint Protection"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager"/><
entry title="Running" value="Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Webserver"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Symantec Management Client"/>
<entry title="Running" value="System Event Notification Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Task Scheduler"/>
<entry title="Running" value="TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Telephony"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Update Services"/>
<entry title="Running" value="UPnP Device Host"/>
<entry title="Running" value="UPSMSRMI"/>
<entry title="Running" value="User Profile Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Virtual Disk"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Event Log"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Firewall"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Font Cache Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Internal Database (MICROSOFT##SSEE)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Management Instrumentation"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Process Activation Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows SBS Manager"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Search"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Time"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Windows Update"/>
<entry title="Running" value="WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service"/>
<entry title="Running" value="Workstation"/>
<entry title="Running" value="World Wide Web Publishing Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Application Identity"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Application Information"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Application Layer Gateway Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Application Management"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="ASP.NET State Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Claims to Windows Token Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="COM+ System Application"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Computer Browser"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Credential Manager"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="DHCP Server"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Diagnostic Service Host"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Diagnostic System Host"/><
entry title="Stopped" value="Disk Defragmenter"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Distributed Link Tracking Client"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="DSM SA Data Manager"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Dynamic DNS Client"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Encrypting File System (EFS)"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Extensible Authentication Protocol"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Function Discovery Resource Publication"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Health Key and Certificate Management"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Interactive Services Detection"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="LiveUpdate"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X64"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X86"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319_X64"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319_X86"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft Exchange IMAP4"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft Exchange Monitoring"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft Exchange POP3"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft Exchange Server Extension for Windows Server Backup"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft Fibre Channel Platform Registration Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Multimedia Class Scheduler"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Network Access Protection Agent"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Office Source Engine"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Office Software Protection Platform"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Performance Counter DLL Host"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Performance Logs & Alerts"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Portable Device Enumerator Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Protected Storage"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Remote Access Auto Connection Manager"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Remote Access Quarantine Agent"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Resultant Set of Policy Provider"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Sage ACT! Scheduler"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Secondary Logon"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SharePoint 2010 User Code Host"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Smart Card"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Smart Card Removal Policy"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SNMP Trap"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Software Protection"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Special Administration Console Helper"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SPP Notification Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SQL Active Directory Helper Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SQL Server Active Directory Helper"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SQL Server Agent (ACT7)"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SQL Server Agent (SBSMONITORING)"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="SQL Server Agent (SHAREPOINT)"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Symantec Network Access Control"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Thread Ordering Server"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="TPM Base Services"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="UPSMSmonitor"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Volume Shadow Copy"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Web Management Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Audio"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Audio Endpoint Builder"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows CardSpace"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Color System"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Error Reporting Service"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Event Collector"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Installer"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows Modules Installer"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Windows SBS POP3 Connector"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="Wired AutoConfig"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="WMI Performance Adapter"/>
<entry title="Stopped" value="WSusCertServer"/>
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
WSUS will be installed by default.  Check Group Policy to see if it is still in use.

Can you confirm if the slowness is just on the second remote site?  Or is it users local to the server as well?

Can you confirm if its one single server?  See my last comment.
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
*I was onsite and not remote office. There is only one server. No additional boxes. Not sure about virtual. But we should be able to see it from the running services and processes, not?
*The slowness is on both sites. I watched it on the site where the server is. My current customers would kill me if their servers were that slow especially after spending £12k on it.
*There is service running "Remote Desktop Gateway" (see my comment) with all the other Remote services. Does this mean terminal server?
*WSUS > there is this process running :
-<section title="wsusservice.exe"><entry title="Process ID" value="7440"/><entry title="User" value="NETWORK SERVICE"/><entry title="Domain" value="NT AUTHORITY"/><entry title="Path" value="C:\Program Files\Update Services\Service\bin\WsusService.exe"/><entry title="Memory Usage" value="71 MB"/><entry title="Peak Memory Usage" value="120 MB"/>
*I have the list of running processes with their Memory Usage and Peak Memory Usage, if that helps I can post it.
*They have just upgraded their local network where the server is to 1Gbps but it doesn't look like it improved anything. I bet this is because they use RDP which doesn't use that much network traffic.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
I'd expect to see the VMware tools and service installed but it doesn't have to be.

If they've got the Premium addon then they have a licence for another server, you wouldn't put everything on one box.  I don't know why someone would supply thin clients for the local site either really - Remote sites it would help but for local users, not really.

Check the RDP icons to confirm what computer name they are logging onto.  I would expect to see those Remote services on the SBS for the remote web access component.

Do they only have a single Network switch? How long have they had this issue?
Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:
I´ve got a DFS issue after installing SEP on a DFS server and found this

You should consider setting some exceptions for the SEP. Maybe it is not the root problem but can improove the server performance. i´ve got some slow performance issues while SEP downloads new virus definitions, check the update policy for the server and the clients.
Can you combine all the SQL server instances into 1?
Another Processor would help.
Look at your utilization, you may need two 6 core processors.
How much RAM are the SQL servers taking, they may be using it all.
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
Memory usage:
mainsection title="RAM" id="3">
<section title="Memory"><entry title="Type" value="DDR3"/>
<entry title="Size" value="32768 MBytes"/>
<entry title="Channels #" value="Triple"/>
<entry title="DRAM Frequency" value="395.0 MHz"/>
<entry title="CAS# Latency (CL)" value="6 clocks"/>
<entry title="RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD)" value="6 clocks"/>
<entry title="RAS# Precharge (tRP)" value="6 clocks"/>
<entry title="Cycle Time (tRAS)" value="16 clocks"/>
<entry title="Command Rate (CR)" value="1T"/>
</section><section title="Physical Memory">
<entry title="Memory Usage" value="62 %"/>
<entry title="Total Physical" value="32 GB"/>
<entry title="Available Physical" value="12 GB"/>
<entry title="Total Virtual" value="64 GB"/>
<entry title="Available Virtual" value="43 GB"/>
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for your posts.
here are the answers:
* they only have one 24 port gigabit switch
* I do not know if other company added antivirus exceptions nor I do not know SEP policies
* I am not sure if I can just add another CPU or replace this one with the more powerful one
* I am sorry but I am not going to be able to run perfmon for few days as my customer doesn't have admin access

Please see attached file for the list of all processes running and their current and peak memory usage.nvh-all-processes-server.pdf
Looks like your using a total of right over 40GB of RAM (virtual and physical)
So the harddrives are going to have make up the difference.
Then you have 4 cores to handle 10-thin clients, Exchange, Symantec, SQL, OS, etc..

You are running out of processing power and RAM.

I believe that model supports up to two 6-core processors.

I think you will need to get over 40GB of RAM and increase the number of cores you have.
Do it in stages
You can probably get another 4x4GB Dual Rank RDIMM
and added it to the existing processor.
Get a 6-core and pull the 4-core

You should see a performance upgrade with each one but probably not enough.
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
I would be able to run perfmon on the server next week. Please let me know which performance monitors I should include in that.
Also, we ware thinking of doing the following some time soon:
* Move emails to Office 365 and disable Exchange on SBS. Please let me know if it is possible to have Outlook connected to Office 365 while it is run in Terminal Services
* Disable SharePoint on SBS -may not give too much improvement but we don't use it anyway
* Buy additional 32GB or 48GB of RAM (depending on how many free slots we have) for the total of 64GB or 80GB
* Add exceptions to Antivirus as per article However please let me know how the antivirus for terminal Server Sessions should be configured?

What do you think?
That will help a bunch, Exchange is a hog
When you disable SharePoint you should be able to pull a couple of tables offline
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