Cisco 861W router wifi configuration

I am trying to login to cisco 861W router to configure Wi-Fi via https://
I do see web interface and it’s prompting me for the “internal access point”
 User/password and it won’t   take terminal username /password or cisco/cisco.
If I cancel on access point password I can get to the web interface and under Wi-Fi it says
Your router doesn’t support wireless functionality see attached screenshot.

1.      How do I configure/reset password for internal access point?
2.      How to configure Wi-Fi access on 861 either via web or command line (syntax example0
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Can you send the current configuration?
leop1212Author Commented:
attached is my routers config and web ui
Just to confirm you have issued the "no shutdown" commands to the interfaces that you are using.
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leop1212Author Commented:
could you provide details which interace and what should i do to correct it?
what about internal access point password?
make sure you have a no shut for the following interfaces:

interface wlan-ap0
interface Wlan-GigabitEthernet0
interface FastEthernet4

Once that is done create a session to access the AP module

service-module wlan-ap0 session

and from there configure your AP and I have enclosed a sample config based on your router config.  Please note that you might want a separate VLAN for wired and wireless users.
leop1212Author Commented:
i have all there interfaces up
'but service-module wlan-ap0 session" returns

"trying, 2002 ...
% Connection refused by remote host"
Please run the following line first:

clear line 2

and then retry the service-module wlan-ap0 session and let me know if it lets you in. If not can you run the following commands and give me the details:

show ip int brief

show vlans
leop1212Author Commented:
still problem connection to ap
show ip int brie
Interface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol
FastEthernet0              unassigned      YES unset  down               down
FastEthernet1              unassigned      YES unset  up                    down
FastEthernet2              unassigned      YES unset  down               down
FastEthernet3              unassigned      YES unset  up                    down
FastEthernet4          YES DHCP   up                    up
NVI0                       unassigned      YES unset  administratively down down
Vlan1                YES NVRAM  up                    up

Wlan-GigabitEthernet0      unassigned      YES unset                up

wlan-ap0             YES TFTP   up                    up

show vlans
no vlans configured
thank you
Can you let me know what VLAN's you use on your network?  Does VLAN 1 apply to all data (both wired and wireless)?

What does the AP connect to (ie what type of switch and if layer 2 can you ping the switch from the access point?
leop1212Author Commented:
i just need Vlan 1 for both wired and Wireless
861w wan port connected to Comcast router while devices connected to LAN ports.
I think the problem is with previous owners   password on AP as I can see wifi ssi with previous used name  'old wifi'
but can't connect to it password which I got with the router is not working
what is correct syntax to source ping from AP ?
Literally just ping x.x.x.x and usually would ping the switch.   Can you add the following to the  interface Wlan-GigabitEthernet0:

switchport trunk native vlan 1
switchport mode trunk

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Try issuing service-module wlan-ap0 status. If it dosn´t come back with a status it means that the AP is probably hanging in boot somewhere then try issue  service-module wlan-ap0 reload.

If you still cant access the AP with service-module wlan-ap0 session try issue service-module wlan-ap0 reset. If the problem still persists you can try service-module wlan-ap0 default-config  else you need to make a recovery of the AP image by issuing service-module wlan-ap0 bootloader.
leop1212Author Commented:
excelent support thank you very much
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