Hi all,
I'm trying t open an XML file in WP8.1 dev environment (VS2013).
I can open an xml file that has been added to my project.  great for testing....
I am creating a simple xml, hard coding the file, first on the phone than trying to open it.  I keep getting errors that it can't open the file.  Don't know what i'm missing here.

An exception of type 'System.Xml.XmlException' occurred in SYSTEM.XML.NI.DLL but was not handled in user code

Additional information: Cannot open 'file:///C:/Data/SharedData/PhoneTools/AppxLayouts/9366RuSoftInformationTech.RuSafeVS.Debug_AnyCPU.John/RuSafe/RuSafe 102.xml'. The Uri parameter must be a file system relative path.

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Kamal KhaleefaInformation Security SpecialistCommented:
Bob LearnedCommented:
I believe that the key is in this statement, "The Uri parameter must be a file system relative path.", since you have a full path.

How are you reading the file?
Thunder724Author Commented:
This is just odd...
What I'm doing is creating an XML File under a subdirectory, such as \sub.
The file(s) are created just fine and they are presented on my phone screen so that I can select them.

The path is the same location as the files.
Not the RSCatalog_Active$ variable is the actual file name.

Dim local As StorageFolder = PARENT_PATH
        Dim dataFolder = Await local.GetFolderAsync("Sub")
        'Dim RC_Catalog As StorageFile = dataFolder.GetFileAsync(RSCatalog_Active$)
        FullFilePath$ = dataFolder.Path & "\" & RSCatalog_Active$ 'RC_Catalog.Path

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the function to read in the XML is below.  If I have an xml file hard coded, within my project, which I've used for testing it works.

Friend Sub ReadXMLData_MAIN(ByVal XMLFileName$)
        Dim xmlData As XDocument = XDocument.Load(XMLFileName$)
        Table_Main = From query In xmlData.Descendants("MAINTBL") Select New DATA_MAIN() With _
        { _
            .sITEM_NAME = DirectCast(query.Element("sITEM_NAME").Value, String), _
            .SID = DirectCast(query.Element("SID").Value, String) _

    End Sub

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the error occurs at the point in the function....
 Dim xmlData As XDocument = XDocument.Load(XMLFileName$)

But again I know the function is ok because it can read the xml file within my project.
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Bob LearnedCommented:
I would think that files within your project would have the correct relative path name.  Files outside would need a different approach.

Example #1:

Full path = C:\folder1\folder1.1\folder1.1.1\log.txt
Root = C:\folder1\folder1.1
Relative = folder1.1.1\log.txt

Example #2


Full path = C:\folder3\folder3.1\folder3.1.1\log.txt
Root = C:\folder1\folder1.1
Relative = ..\..\folder3.1\folder3.1.1\log.txt
Thunder724Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay; I thought I had already commented on this but guess i missed this one.
I figured out the problem and it had to do witht he "\" in the path needed to be "/" the opposite direction.

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Thunder724Author Commented:
I figured this out on my own.
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