SharePoint 2007 out of box not code can I mergae multiple calendar

I have a request that merage multiple calendar in one master calendar and master calendar should be read only. Update in child calendar will reflect in master calendar.

No code, out of box functionality and no third party. Manager order
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colly92002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do this sort of thing in Sharepoint 2010 using the calender overlay, but not completely  OOTB in MOSS 2007.

YOu can use Sharepoint designer to create a calendar list with other calendars as datasources.  Full walkthrough here:

This is probably the best you can do given your strict requirements.
mas1963Author Commented:
For MOSS no expert left
Have you tried Calendar Overlays?
mas1963Author Commented:
I told them OOB not possible and now waiting from user
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