Need to enable screen saver in powerpoint presentation mode

I am using powerpoint 2010 and would like to have my screen saver activate if the slideshow is on. Currently (and I believe by default), SS turns off in slideshow mode. is there a registry hack or option I can do to enable it?
jsgrosskopfIS ManagerAsked:
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jsgrosskopfConnect With a Mentor IS ManagerAuthor Commented:
I ended up purchasing a program for $30 called "kiosk" that allows the SS to come on in presentation mode. easy fix
I think that usually if you have a profile where you have a log-in password, the screen saver usually comes on by default regardless. (Usually people are asking how to disable the screensaver via GPO, etc.)
Yup, much easier than mucking around with profiles!
jsgrosskopfIS ManagerAuthor Commented:
Found solution on my own
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