How do I fix a MacBook Pro that lost all of it's user data created files but the operating system is completely intact?

I'm not sure how this happened but are there any remedies to it other than the usual data recovery options?

What could have caused this and is this a "feature" option in Mac OS X besides the using recovery utility at boot?
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Can you be a bit more specific about what has happened? Have you perhaps logged in as a different user? Look in the Users and Groups preferences panel to see how many users are shown and which one you are logged in as. Perhaps you could post a screen shot.
turbojournalAuthor Commented:
Will do once I get back to the Mac.  I don't think that's it, and if it's not and a system restore wasn't performed, have you ever heard of this before?
I am not sure exactly what has gone missing. Do you mean that the user folder is empty other than the system folders like Applications? Nothing in the Pictures, Movies, Movies or Documents folder? Those are all empty? If that is the case, absent someone deliberately deleting all those files (they are not in trash, right?), it really sounds like you have switch users.
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Are this a "local" user (created on the computer itself) or a network user (such as on an Active Directory/Windows server network)?
I have seen users disappear from the login screen but the user data files are still on the computer.

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turbojournalAuthor Commented:
My bad, the connection between the motherboard and hard drive got disconnected, I replaced it and the operating system and files are all intact (no hard drive problem).

At first I thought the OS was there but I was thinking of another issue on another computer.
glad you got it figured out.
turbojournalAuthor Commented:
I figured out the problem after opening the Mac that the connector had over time bumped out of place.
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