MAC issues on a Windows Network


We have a couple of Mac's on our Windows network.  Well, they are problematic at best.  The users experience extreme slowness at times and difficulties printing via email.  I just got off of the phone with one of the Mac users who was trying to print an email.  After clicking on print, she had to wait a very long time for anything to happen and then she is prompted for our proxy server credentials.  She has to wait a very long time again before she can do anything at all, like the machine is bogged down.  Finally after several minutes, you can type in the credentials.  Once that is done, the whole scenario has to be repeated and the user can never print the email?  Can anyone help with this situation?  I am not a Mac person, so please keep that in mind.  I am new to this position here.

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Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
it sounds like the printers are not configured correctly.  Here is a link to an Apple article on how to add a Windows printer to a MAC - I'd recommend removing the printers and reinstalling by following these instructions.
If that doesn't work, Thursby Software  has a couple of products that helps integrating Macs into Windows network. AdmitMac is for networks using Active Directory, and Dave is for networks not using active directory. I believe there are free trials of both you can download from the link above.

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cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
So do you guys think an improperly installed printer could be causing other performance issues?
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Do the performance issues only happen during or after printing? After a fresh restart, is the computer more or less free of the performance issues?
I am confused by the detail "difficulties printing via email" followed by the line "... trying to print an email." Do they email their print jobs?
I don't understand why a proxy server would be coming up when attempting to print unless the user is trying to print to a printer on a different network.
More details on the network and printer spec is probably called for.
cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
I just sat down with the Mac user to get an idea of what some of the issues are with her computer.  She tells me that authentication seems to have a lot to do with her issues.  She says ever since we put in a new firewall, her authentication issues have spiraled out of control.  Our support staff has entered so many different usernames and passwords over the past few months, in an attempt to fix her issues, that keeping track of what her actual usernames and passwords are has become impossible.

What happened the other day was typical behavior for her just trying to print an email.  She did say that when web pictures are involved, it always goes south.  I think this was the case yesterday.  The email she was trying to print had not rendered the web pictures yet and when she hit print, it was attempting to obtain the web pictures, alas the proxy popped up, and things went sideways for her.  It appears the proxy authentication is not sticking for one.  Once again, I am not a Mac person, but this keychain thing appears to be quite messed up also.
The Keychain theory can be tested either by creating a new user on her machine and running the new user through its paces (not a bad thing to do in any troubleshooting situation to narrow whether a problem is system-wide or limited to one user), or you could either delete and recreate her login keychain or move it out of the way temporarily and see if that fixes the problem.
First option: quit all other Applications, launch Keychain Access (easy to find using the Spotlight icon in upper right of screen), make sure "login" is highlighted on the left, then in the Edit menu, choose "Delete". Immediately restart the computer. Whey she logs in, a new, basically blank login keychain will be created. Test and test some more...

Second option: With her logged in (not administrative user), quit all other Applications, launch the Terminal (again, Spotlight), type in this command (or copy paste):
mv ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain ~/Desktop/
Hit enter/return - Immediately restart the computer. Whey she logs in, a new login keychain will be created. (All this does is move her login keychain to the Desktop, you can restore it or delete it later.)
cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
I have been attempting to download OS X Yosemite for two days unsuccessfully.  I just disjoined the Mac from the domain and tried it again and viola, we are now downloading the app.  I am going to continue to test things on this Mac and will get back to this question soon.  I greatly appreciate all of your help and value all of your suggestions.  Please give me a few more days to figure this out.

cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
Okay, after a week or so of testing using Thursby's ADmitMac software, things are much better.  I would highly recommend this piece of software to anyone attempting to integrate their Mac into a Microsoft AD network.  Everything is working wonderfully now.  Thank you for all of your suggestions and help.

cheesebugahAuthor Commented:
Thank you strung.  This solution worked great and the software was not that expensive.
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