Wordpress not working with APC opcode cache on!??!?

Hi All,

We have a setup of 2 servers which runs our online applications:
(1) Front server we have a NGINX + VARNISH cache server which looks for new pages in our APP server, and/or responds with cached items.
(2) Below that we have the application server, a LAMP(centos 6) server: http://www.bodyscience.com.au/_info.php 

The issue we are having is the following:

-- We currently have a XCART shop, under /shop + a wordpress front site under website root.

-- Server previously ran Apache + eAccelerator in it.

-- We are now migrating to a MAGENTO shop, which is currently under development, on folder /shopdev

-- We have installed APC opcode cache to speed up magento store, but every time we active APC  and deactivate eAccelerator the following happens:
----> Wordpress website stops working, white screen, even though we make sure we clear the cache on server (1).
----> Magento shop speeds up MUCH MORE(3x) than before and php scripts get cached properly.

!!!!!Apparently Wordpress site only works if eAccelerator is on, but we need this OFF. Strangely, it works fine if we have both eAccelerator and APC on.!!!!!!

Please help, where do we go from here??

Thanks in advance!

eAccelerator Config:

APC config
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Hello, first keep in mind that apc is obsolete and has big issues with Magento, like the one you seems to hit.
You can find much more detailed log in your error log.
I would suggest you to remove apc and use Zend Opcache its perfect , stable and easy.

Also i would recommand you remove varnish, there is no gain when used with nginx. (seen through my tests and on the net too). But its perfect when running with Apache. But still nginx is the best choice for you.

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GreendataAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your support!  We'll check this now!
You are wellcome, I am used to maintain a Magento platform for a customer it they use Magento community with Apache 2.4.4, Varnish 3.x, Php 5.4 and php-pecl-zendopcache-7.0 i have built for them
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eaccererator xor apc xor opcache
GreendataAuthor Commented:
Hi Stampel,

With regards to cache, we've added Zend Opcode to server but doesn’t work properly with our current setup so had to deactivate it.

In saying that, msg was beneficial but didn’t solved the problem as we couldn’t revert everything back to new opcode cache.

We will implement the changes over the next couple of weeks, but as of today we will have to sort with what we have.

Great insight , just not exactly what we needed.
i would like to award 150 points for trying

What does not work properly ? Im interested to know.
Don't worry for points :)
Would be nice if you use one accelerator. As a hint - supercache plugin uses APC...
GreendataAuthor Commented:
We cannot use the actual solution provided however it did prompt us to try other options.
We are resolving the problem ourselves. time has run out so we are reverting back to our original configurations until we have more time to troubleshoot.
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