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not receiving Delivery Status Notifications when sending to wrong email addresses

when i send email using sendAS for a different gmail account than the one i am logged into, i dont get the response

however if i send from my primary email address , if i send while logged in from there, i do get the mail delivery error.

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1 Solution
What you mean is, primary@gmail is your email address. Then you send an email to a wrong email address and you get an NDR email back to primary@gmail.com?

What you mean is, primary@gmail is your email address. Then you send an email  with SEND AS secondary@gmail.com  to a wrong email address and you get no NDR email in primary@gmail.com?

If both are true, do you get an NDR email back in the mailbox from secondary@gmail.com? Because that would be the correct way.
finnstoneAuthor Commented:
you got it. No NDR at all.

Important clarification!!

NDR not working for godaddy personal domain email accounts which are using google apps...when sent from primary in gmail but are delivered when sent from their own respective gmail logins pages.

However, NDR is working for secondary gmail account in this scenario.

So still a gmail issue.
finnstoneAuthor Commented:

just realized its probably a godaddy issue

if i can send from gmail accounts when logged in (thats powered by google apps)
but using godaddy relay from primary gmail account is when i dont get bounce probably means godaddy not forwarding bounces
finnstoneAuthor Commented:
ok this is definitealy a GOOGLE issue

they are responsible for the INBOUND email and are not sending me my bounces
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
Google Apps filters NDRs as spam if they appear to be back-scatter.

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