Chrome not loading certain sites

Starting yesterday, most if not all of the computers on our network have had problems getting to some sites running SSL/https in google chrome. Some computes will give an ssl error, some computers give "This website is not available."

As far as I know, no changes have been made to any computers or networking. I have been able to get the problem sites to load in IE 9 by checking off all of the ssl and TLS options under security settings. Chrome still refuses to open the sites. I have gone through most of the basic troubleshooting, like incognito, resetting all the browser defaults, and deleting cookies.

Any Ideas?
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IT GuyCommented:
what version of Chrome are you using?

did you check your add-ons?

If you log in as another user on the same PC does the issue re-occurs?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Two things:

1. You need to give us example links for sites that aren't working.  We can't check the sites in Chrome until you do.

2. There have been changes in the way that SSL/TLS works in the last week or so because a security risk that was found.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
NxINY : We are currently using Version 38.0.2125.104 m. and it's affecting any computer running chrome in the building. I did use incognito mode which eliminated add-ons as being a problem.

Dave : Most of the sites not working/ not loading are mostly mail sites (Hotmail, yahoo, even twitter) The others we have noticed have been banking sites. I'm sure there are more but those specifically have been passed along to me.

I can get the sites to load in Internet explorer, but not chrome, using the same computer. Again by checking off the SSL/TLS options in Security in Internet explorer. I thought chrome got its security settings from the same place as IE.
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nicolausjAuthor Commented:
Hum, I found a document and wonder if chrome is trying to protect us from SSL 3.0
Reset browser settings see:

If that does not work then:
Uninstall Chrome reboot then re-install Chrome.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
Resetting the browser setting didn't work. Uninstalling and re-installing didn't work.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You have something else going on.  I use the current version of Chrome for my online banking and Facebook 'https' without any problems today.  Chrome uses the Root Certificate Store from Windows but it has it's own browser security settings.  You see them under Settings and there is a button for HTTP/SSL for 'Manage Certificates' although you probably shouldn't change anything there.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
I'm going to dig a bit deeper and get back to you tomorrow. Thanks for somewhere to start.
IT GuyCommented:
it might not be a bad idea to run ccleaner also and wipe free space on the PC
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
I ran ccleaner and got nothing. I tried turning off the firewall on my personal work computer and got nothing. I also did a tracer route on my pc and it resolves the ip of any of the sites that are a problem, and makes it all the way to our firewall. Routing doesn't appear to be the issue.

I'm forcing an windows update on all of our domain computers tonight to see if that will solve the problem. If it doesn't I'm going to start deleting updates and hopefully will find the problem.

On one of our old 2003 servers that seemed to be unaffected, I did notice in IE security setting there was check in SSL 1, but in windows 7 and server 2012 this doesn't show up as an option. Not sure if this means anything.

Any other suggestions are welcome and worth a try, Thanks again for the ideas.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
Looking like it's our firewall the more troubleshooting I'm doing.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
it's our firewall due to the Poodle attack with SSL V3
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
Waiting on a response from our firewall manufacturer.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
Firewall patch has been applied, still having issues with chrome on certain sites. Twitter,

If i pull up IE and cheat by turning on ssl 2 and 1 I can get to twitter in IE.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
Looks Like the firewall needs to be upgraded to solve the problem.

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nicolausjAuthor Commented:
Not the solution I wanted but we have to update the firewall... looks like it is seeing any site running LTS security with a 256 encryption as a hack and dropping the traffic.

Thanks for everyone's comments.
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