Netscaler 10.1 and Renewing a Cert

I have been given the task to renew one of the certs on our Netscaler. We are changing it from a 1 or 3 year cert.  Are their any issues I should be aware of? What about a service outage for the hosted application?

I have already been reading the KN articles on how to generate a CSR and export the cert to PFX but want to run this by the Citrix Experts first.
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akalyan911Technical ConsultantCommented:
To update a certificate from the GUI of the appliance, complete the following procedure:

In the Navigation pane, expand the SSL node.

Click Certificates.

In the SSL Certificates page, select the certificate you want to update.

Click Update.

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For the Certificate Filename, click Browse.

Navigate and select the appropriate certificate file.

For the Key Filename, click Browse.

Navigate and select the appropriate key file.

If the certificate is password protected, specify the password in the Password field.

Select the appropriate Format option.

Click OK.

To update the certificate from the command line interface, the following is the syntax for the command.

update ssl certkey <Cert_Key_Name> [-cert <String>]
[(-key <String> [-password]) | -fipsKey <String>]
[-inform (DER|PEM)][-noDomainCheck]

Note: If the private key is password protected, you must specify the password. If you do not do so, you are prompted to specify the password.

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akalyan911Technical ConsultantCommented:
You can check the below two links for more information , this articles were very clear and updated by Citrix support..
compdigit44Author Commented:
Thanks everyone.. Would updating the Cert cause and service problems with the service the cert is assigned to on the Netscaler? As I update the cert on the Netscaler what will happen with the back end server that would still be using the old cert
compdigit44Author Commented:
Any thoughts on this?
compdigit44Author Commented:
If I want to change a cert from 1 year to 3 year do I need a new CSR or should I select update from the SSL menu?
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