Workgroup networking, one PC cannot see shared other PC

Our client has striaghtforward workgroup network. 4 PCs (all Win 7 Pro, one Vista business)

One of the PCs acts as the "central" file store and this folder is shared with "everyone" permission. All PCs on the network can see and have mapped this shared drive. Works fine for the other PCs, except one of the Win 7 PCs which only sees one folder and one file on the shared PC. (says they are offline) there are tens of folders and files on the shared area.

I have tried everything (I think), taking it off workgroup, putting it back on. Checking the share on the central PC. In all other respects this PC works fine, can see network resources and connects to Internet (via switch/hub and router).

This has apparently been like this for a few months(!), they didn't tell us, but was originally working OK.

All ideas welcomed, please.
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
It is possible "central" computer has same user account that Win7 faulty and different password?
Usually on workgroups all accounts must be created on computer or computers has files and "clients" must to have as least one account with same user and password.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Look in Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center on the problem computer. Make sure the NIC is associated with Home/Work and NOT Public. Make sure File and Print Sharing and Network Discovery are both ON. Make sure Homegroup is OFF.

I agree with the advice above about put the users and passwords on the central computer of the computers trying to attach.

See my article on Folder Sharing.
gerlisAuthor Commented:
I have now had the chance to look again at this PC and can confirm all seems to be OK from a networking point of view but it still cannot see the share on the central computer (well it does, but only one folder and one file). Next thing I need to check again is the central computer itself to see if there are any obvious reasons why?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Check all the Network Advanced Settings on the central machine (Network Discovery ON, File and Print Sharing ON, Homegroup OFF, Use accounts and passwords ON.

Follow the article I pointed you to in the above post.
gerlisAuthor Commented:
I read your article. Thanks.

I hope to be able to connect remotely to this client's PC later today.
gerlisAuthor Commented:
I've now double-checked all the settings on both the "host" PC and the client PC. All seems fine. All other computers on the network can see the shared drive and folders with no problems.

I think I will need to go into thei scusomter and restablish the network on his PC.

Unless you have any other suggestions try first?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I think I will need to go into this customer and re-establish the network on his PC.

I think that is a good idea. Read through my article and look at all the steps while you are there.
gerlisAuthor Commented:
Will do! Thanks
gerlisAuthor Commented:
Last week I went to this client to spend some time on this problem. Initially I changed the workgroup name, ere-started, then changed it back to the correct workgroup and this time it prompted me for login credentials when I tried to access the shared PC. Hey presto it worked. I could see the shared PC and all the files/folders.

But when I re-started the machine it was back to aquare one, and it could not see the shared files/folders. This PC did not have ant login credentials, so I created a password for the username. Then mapped it to the shared drive, could see the shared drive and files/folders, now it works each and every time.

I think it was an authentication issue, thought why it began to cause problems after having been set up without a password for ages, I don't know.

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gerlisAuthor Commented:
Managed to resolve myself with a littel vbit of help from John Hurst
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