Postgres Error: pg_table_size('x') gives 'Error: relation "x" does not exist' but I can query "x"

What would cause certain Postgres Database Object Management Functions to give the error:
ERROR:  relation "x" does not exist
even though I can query data in relation "x"?

I am experiencing this with pg_table_size(), pg_relation_size(), pg_total_relation_size() on certain relations.
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Daniel WilsonCommented:
What is the actual name of the table / relation?  Could capitalization issues be your problem?

In Postgres, things go most smoothly if everything is in lowercase.  Mixed-case names cause problems in Oracle as well:

And Postgres is very similar to Oracle.
DerekWatlingAuthor Commented:
All my table/column names are lowercase with underscores. Can't stand having to put quotes around anything except strings.
Daniel WilsonCommented:
Can you post the DDL?  e.g. Create Table ...
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DerekWatlingAuthor Commented:
Here is 1 example:
create table lookup.deedsoffice (
	deeds_office_id int not null,
	description text not null,
	code varchar(3) not null,
	code_cad varchar(1) not null default '',
	code_deeds_summary text not null,
	primary key (deeds_office_id)

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DerekWatlingAuthor Commented:
It seems to work only in the "public" schema!

I have the following query, and every time I try a schema other than "public" I get the error.

SELECT *, pg_total_relation_size(table_name) as size
FROM information_schema.tables
WHERE table_schema = 'public'

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DerekWatlingAuthor Commented:
Found the problem. I am working through "PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook". They give

SELECT table_name, pg_relation_size(table_name) as size
FROM information_schema.tables
WHERE table_schema NOT IN ('information_schema','pg_catalog')

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as the way to find the 10 biggest tables in the database, but the top line should be

SELECT table_name, pg_relation_size(table_schema || '.' || table_name) as size

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Daniel WilsonCommented:
Glad you solved it!
DerekWatlingAuthor Commented:
I found another issue where some relation names contained spaces. The solution is to add double quotes around schema name and relation name. This would also cater for names containg capitals.

SELECT table_name, pg_relation_size('"' || table_schema || '"."' || table_name || '"') as size

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DerekWatlingAuthor Commented:
Daniel's suggestion about capitalisation was part of the final solution, but also needed the schema included to work in all situations.
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