Problems Syncing Contacts from CRM to GoldMine using 'Contact Sync' App

The issue is that the 3rd party App they are using “contactsync” doesn’t work when run as a scheduled task with the “run with user logged out” option is ticked.

I discovered that the app doesn’t work when using the “run as a different user” command full stop. It says it can’t find the goldmine license file even though the app will run fine when ran as that same user.

Any help will be useful
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support01Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This ended up going back to the developer as we couldn't resolve this

This will probably be because the mapped drives are not available when run

Mapped drives are not setup when a user is logged off, also mapped drive are not available when using a service too.

one option is to change Goldmine to run over a UNC path  e.g. \\server\goldmine\ instead
support01Author Commented:
We couldn't resolve this.
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