Adding IPs to a shrinking network (Supernetting?)

OK So I currently have a network running windows server 2003 with the following network config

Class C network
IP Range: -

We have about 5-10 IPs free. I need to add more IP's to the network but not sure about how to go about it..

I looked at supernetting but am not sure how to set this up..  Is it possible to just change the current network config?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated..  

Thank you!
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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Wylie BayesNetwork Technician IIICommented:
What is your infrastructure like?  Switches? Layer 2 or Layer 3?
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I have a 2 domain controllers handling 2 different scopes ( - ( -
all other IP are static.. Layer 2 switches with a sonicwall.. there are no VLAN being used..
Wylie BayesNetwork Technician IIICommented:
How many clients in total?  

What is the subnet mask on the domain controllers? ?

Could change to, and double your IP's.

Or to and quadruple your IPs.

Obviously you will need to reconfigure / add additional scopes in DHCP once you decide / make this change.

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Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
we are almost full so about 220 clients in total, but we are adding about 25 new emlployees so we will def be out of IP with all the network printers and switches we will be adding
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
yes the subet for the DC is

If i change the subnet mask to whats the scope of IP's will to assign the scopes?

ex: scope 1 - -
scope 2 -
scope 3 -

does that look right?
Wylie BayesNetwork Technician IIICommented:
scope 1 - -
scope 2 - -
scope 3 - -
scope 4 - -

For a total of 1022 Host addresses.
Wylie BayesNetwork Technician IIICommented:
scope 1 - - (Adjusted 255 to 254)
scope 2 - -
scope 3 - -
scope 4 - - (Adjusted 255 to 254)
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
now if the gateway (sonicwall) is on the scope will the devices on the other scopes be able to communicate/use that gateway and servers that are not within their IP scope?
Wylie BayesNetwork Technician IIICommented:
The sonic wall would also need to be configured for the new subnet mask.  Since you are going have to make those changes, it would be wise to probably re-ip the sonic wall to .  Then all scopes would use 16.1 as their default gateway.

If you wish you leave it as 192.168.18.something  you would need to configure DHCP scopes (003 router option) to set the default gateway to the correct IP address.  18.something.
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
ok thank you for all the help!!
Wylie BayesNetwork Technician IIICommented:
Most welcome :)
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