Deploying Exchange 2013 as a hosting server for our clients.

We run Exchange 2013 in our office. At prod we use Mdeamon to host our clients emails.
We are considering switching to exchange and provide that as  service to our clients.

Im looking for a guide on how to deploy this so that it can be used with multiple domains and clients.
Preferably we dont want to mix it with our current domain so we might need to build a new domain.
We also need to make sure that permission are segregated so that we have a separate public space and address book for each client so they dont see each others folders or calendars...etc.
We only have 2 clients so I think the Standard version should do.
I just need some documentatation to better understand this type of scenario versus exchange as a internal office mail server.
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Costas GeorgiouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Exchange can be installed in hosted mode, but what Microsoft recommends is to use solutions like Ensim or HP Excp and a good one MachSol Machpanel.

See the link below

You will have to study and understand Exchange 2013 hosting and multi-tenancy solutions .
Check link below.

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baysysadminAuthor Commented:
Im assuming these 3rd party providers come at a cost to the exchange licenses that are already required.
Can exchange be setup on its own for hosted mode. We are not looking for anything complex, just simple divisions.
Do you have a document for setting up exchange in hosted mode?
Costas GeorgiouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
How many clients you have?
And when i say clients do you mean external businesses or Internal departments?
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Costas GeorgiouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
You need to do some ready on it .. and first of all need to have experience with configuring and managing exchange

If you tick all the boxes then the following link should help you..

Also some more reading
baysysadminAuthor Commented:
2 clients, with 10-20 users each. They need to be completely separate so they cant see each others stuff.
I manage our internal exchange for our company 30 users.
This new setup would be for external users.
Thanks Ill do some reading.

As for the AD setup, my boss doesnt want to mix client info (ad objects) with our own prod ones. So he wants a new domain for this exchange setup.
I read something about AD isolation, would that be usefull in this case?

Costas GeorgiouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
The multi tenant solution is for bigger environments

i do the same for 5-6 Clients on our company server
This is what i did.

Created a separate database called hosted
created address books for each client and removed any relevance to internal network.

Now all the clients will be able to isolated on the same server

Only thing which they will have to do is for authentication.
their user name will be youdomain\username which they will have to use to connect .
My client don't have problem typing mydomain\username because they know any way thet we are hosting their emails.

Multi tenant solution is for large deployment where you want to run a hosted exchange business.
baysysadminAuthor Commented:
So you did a regular exchange setup.
What about public folders, did you also have to create multiples.
How much work is it when making new users to make sure they are isolated so they only see their own address book and public folders...
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If you have put tenants on to your own Exchange server then you have broken the terms of the Exchange licence and you are technically unlicensed.
To run a hosted Exchange platform of any description you need to have a hosted services licence agreement for both Exchange and Windows. This is a monthly fee that you pay to Microsoft depending on how many users you have. Doesn't matter whether you are using a control panel or not.

As such I would be putting the hosted side on to its own hardware, in its own domain, probably in a data centre somewhere rather than on prem.

Although if I was doing it for this number of users, I wouldn't. I would use one of the white label solutions to do the work for me.
From a business perspective, bundle the service in with something else. If you show it separate then your clients will look at Office365 and be gone - on the numbers of users you have there is no way you can get close to Office365 or something like 1and1 for pricing (last time I did the maths it was about 12,000 mailboxes).

As for how to do it... start at this top level document on TechNet:

It is not a ten minute configuration.

baysysadminAuthor Commented:
As a hosting provider we arleady have MS SPLA, I got pricing for exchange SPLA its $5/mo/user
We are not going to put it on our existing exchange, but rather on our prod.
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