DNS migration 2003 to 2012

My current DNS is on a Server 2003 sp3 Standard, I have built a new DNS on a 2012 Server and I not sure how to have it pickup the information in my network.  Will I need to add A records for all my server and workstations and a reverse record as well?
I need some help pointing this DNS to the outside DNS?

So in General I setup the DNS but now need to have it start to gather necessary network information?
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Asked:
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If these are both domain controllers as well, and you are using AD-integrated zones, the information will automatically replicate.  You might also update a delegation record if present.

It really depends on what you already have on your existing DNS (type of zones, etc.), and what you want to do with the new one.
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
I have internal company information, we have a external DNS.  I have both forward and Reverse.  I have a MX record, NS record, SOA....pretty basic.
The forward lookup zone name on the 2003 is corp.xxxxx.com, and the forward lookup zone on the 2012 server zone is xxxxxx.com...
I see what happens over night.....
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
you should have joined it to corp.xxxx.com if you are planning to replace the 2003 DC

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Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
Thank you, I thought about using the same but now you have confirmed.  I have setup the new zone to match and how long till the replication should take affect?
Did you just set up a zone with the same name, or did you join it to the domain you have on the 2003 servers.  The latter is necessary.  If you did that, make sure that the zone on the 2003 DC is AD-integrated.  On the 2012 server, you won't need to create any zone manually, it should appear within 15 minutes if replication is functioning.
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
Well the 2003 DNS is not on the primary Domain controller...Can I do anything else to get a replication to run on the 2012 server?
Replication happens between domain controllers.  There are other methods of transferring DNS data, like a zone transfer from a primary to secondary.

Things will be much easier if you provide a clear picture of what you have.
1. What are these DNS servers for?
2. Are they in the same network?
3. Same domain?
4. Same site/location?
5. Do you have a domain controller with all the DNS info or is this completely separate from a domain setup?
6. What type of zones do you currently have in place (on any servers)?  AD-integrated?  Standard Primary?

I really don't want to guess about your setup and what your desired end result is anymore.
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
As stated my DNS server was not on a Domain Controller for my windows 2003.
I have 1 DNS server an I have started to build a second DNS server on my NEW PDC Server 2012.
Everything reside in the same network
Everything reside in the same domain
Everything reside in the same location
Completely Separate
Type of Zones, I not sure how to identify?  I believe Standard...

Since my network is very small, 30 users, it would not be hard to add a "A" record for each computer....????
So you're saying your other domain controller doesn't have DNS?
What I've picked up from what you've said so far is that you have:
- one (or more) existing domain controllers without DNS
- one 2003 server running DNS
- a new 2012 server that you want to be a domain controller and DNS server for the domain
Let me know if this is correct.

Although you said that your existing DNS is completely separate from a domain setup, what I'm picking up is that you actually want this to support a domain and all of its computers.  And a domain can't exist without DNS so all of your domain records must exist in your DNS currently.

You can tell the type of zone by looking at the list of forward lookup zones in the DNS Management console.zone typeOr you can right-click a particular zone and look at the properties.

No, it's not hard to manually add 30 A records, but that's not important.  What is important is that the records exist so that computers can locate a domain controller for various services.  This requires all the SRV records to be in place.  Also, for all the workstation computers that should get their IP information from DHCP, their IP could change, and you want the DNS to automatically reflect those changes instead of having to manually update everything.
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
Well you have some great info, footech.  Our system / Computer are Hard coded IP addresses.  So DHCP will not effect the configurations from changing.  Ialso have both DNS server listed on the local PC so incase the DNS is not registered for that computer.  I have a log on script which runs everyime someone logs into the network which will register the DNS.

Ihave everyting setup to correctly use the internal DNS or the External DNS, my orignal question was How do i need to point my internal DNS to the External DNS and I have done this on the Sonic Wall router.  So I apreciate you pointers and questions about the situation.   I will soon be migrating from the old DNS server, and as of right now it has all been working well for 3 days.

Thank you
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
All coments were very helpfull but the comment from David was right onthe money...I had used the wrong Domain name in my internal DNS, once I adjusted DOmain Name my DNS started to work correctly.
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