Losing network connection from access point

I have a TP-LINK access point. Sometimes i lose network connection with the access point. To regain a network connection with the access point, will need to restart the access point. I am also using a static ip address. Why is this happening?
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How many machines are connected to this router? Does this also happen when you have an address from DHCP? Where have you placed the router /access point ensure it isn't near any interference (Walls, Microwaves, Bluetooth devices, phones and other devices with motors in) as these can cause the signal to be distorted and therefore you will be disconnected.
christoforatos1968Author Commented:
MKaybe three machines at a time. This has happened when the ip address is received from DHCP. We have ceiling tiles that are removable. The access point is installed above the tiles.
The ceiling tiles should not be causing disconnects. You are saying you lose connection to all three devices at the same time, and none of them can re-connect, and no new devices can connect?
Have you checked that the access point's firmware is up to date?
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christoforatos1968Author Commented:
I realized the problem, when i was not able to access the w-fi using my smart phone. I try to access the access point via https://ipaddress. Not able to.
I am also not able to ping the ip address of the access point. The network activity of the access point will recover by restarting the access point.
The bottom line is that when wi-fi connection is lost, i am not able to access the access point using it's ip address.
Sounds like it's crashing, which it should not do with so few clients. You didn't respond to the question about its firmware--
christoforatos1968Author Commented:
I just purchased the access point about a month ago. Even though the access point was recently purchased, you are assuming that the firmware is updated?
What model is it? And yes, sometimes they are several months in shipment and storage during which time bugs are found and fixed in the firmware.
Are you using WPA2 encryption?
christoforatos1968Author Commented:
I am using version WPA2-PSK with encryption AES.
The model is TP-LINK  TL-WA901ND.
There are  three versions of TL-WA901ND, and the firmware is dependent on which you have, V1, V2, or V3. If the device is not down close for inspection, you can find out the version on the Firmware upgrade page of the web interface at -> System Tools > Firmware Upgrade

Firmware for:
V3: http://www.tp-link.us/Support/download/?model=TL-WA901ND&version=V3
V2: http://www.tp-link.us/Support/download/?model=TL-WA901ND&version=V2
V1: http://www.tp-link.us/Support/download/?model=TL-WA901ND&version=V1

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Craig BeckCommented:
I'll say this...

I've lost count of the amount of times I've had to restart TP-Link APs, powerline extenders, routers, etc.  Their firmware is flaky as hell on some devices.

It may sound like a headache, but as schaps says, update the firmware if you can.  There might be several versions of firmware to try, but you might get lucky with one.
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