USB casing with SATA HDD not detectable

Just got a USB casing & an (think it's mSATA) HDD : after assembling & insert into a few
PCs/laptops, though I can heard the disk spinning & the casing's LED lighted up, all the
laptops Win 7 could not detect it.

For the common brands like Western Digital, Toshiba, usually Windows will auto-
install some sort of driver.  Is there a way to activate a generic USB driver for this
setup in a manual way to be able to use this USB casing with HDD?

What are the common USB casings for HDD that are known to be detectable by
Win XP & Win 7 with drivers auto-install?

Can always get another casing that will auto-install driver as this one is really cheap at US$11
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the generic driver comes from windows - and is automatic

a Q :  when you connect it - do you get a notification sound?
if not the system does not see anything, so you may have a bad cable, or usb box

>>  What are the common USB casings for HDD that are known to be detectable by
 Win XP & Win 7 with drivers auto-install?  << AFAIK ALL are thus

>>   this one is really cheap at US$11    <<  a bit too cheap it seems?
does it have it's own power supply?  if not that can also cause it
do you have a link to the product?
Windows should install a generic USB driver for this casing IF it recognizes that a USB device is plugged in there.  From your description it isn't doing that.  First check that it hasn't turned up in Disk Management (in Computer Management).

If it hasn't then ... is your enclosure USB 3 (which is probably required for mSata cards)?  Are you plugging into a USB 3 port?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If the drive is not detected then replace the box. It happens sometimes that the case is malfunctioning.
this can help us :  "do you have a link to the product? "  if yes, post it
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I don't have the product's link : rather dubious item which the
dealer even refused to issue a receipt.  It comes with one USB
head to the casing & 2 USB heads at the other end (presumably
to be able to draw enough voltage/current when plugged into
2 USB ports).

Yeah, can't even detect in "Disk Management" & Just got another
one for about double the price & this one works: could see it in
the Disk Management & now prompts whether to format the disk.

So essentially, there's no specific driver for USB casings?  Windows
will just install a generic USB driver?  I ever get yellow question marks
when a USB device fail to install, do I need to uninstall any such failed
driver installation (that's auto-installed by Windows) or no harm to
just leave the yellow question marks there (under "Manage" devices) ?

Curious, does mSATA SSD work with such a USB casing?  I have
an mSATA SSD shipping on the way
are there no brand -or model numbers on it?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Again, the problem is not in the drive inside the box but the box itself. Bring it back where you bought it or just destroy it. The USB interface should be detected at least if it is functioning, even if the drive inside is bad.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
A few comments ...

Q1 =>  As already noted, No, you can't install a driver yourself.   It should simply be auto-detected and automatically installed by Windows.

Q2 =>  Again this is already answered -- all of them should be.

Q3 =>  That's correct ... but you shouldn't have yellow flags in Device Manager.   Are you always doing a "Safely Remove" before you unplug the device?

Q4 =>  No.  mSATA drives don't have standard SATA connectors.   [Since you've ordered one, I hope your motherboard has an mSATA slot :-) ]

Windows will just install a generic USB driver?

..  just leave the yellow question marks there (under "Manage" devices) ?
Yes.  Or delete.



Yes,  Easily available.  Here for example is one on Amazon

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