server 2012 certificate

I have installed the following cert. as the https (port 443) in my IIS manager in the default website AND in my Remote Desktop Services gateway on server 2012 R2 :

When I access from the network:
I get a vert nofification

I install the certificate in the Root certificate location
I then proceed to the RDWeb access interface and get my icons to launch
When I launch them I get the following:

Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because your computer or device did not pass the Network Access Protection requirements set by your network administrator

Please help
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In RD Gateway Manager console on RD Gateway Server, ensure that resource access policies (RAP) are allowed to all users and all computers \ intended ones
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
where exactly is this please
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
Found it
It is enabled and allowing All Domain users
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What kind of cert did you get? Is it a self signed one or from a trusted public CA? If the cert is good (x.509 that meet the requirements of RD Gateway) then you should install/import it into the personal certificate folder on the local machine I'm sure.

Anyway, this site should help you resolve.
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
self signed
Still not working
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
I still get this:

Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because your computer or device did not pass the Network Access Protection requirements set by your network administrator

Please concentrate on this message only
So did you check that article and make sure you have done everything it has asked for self signed certs?
I apologize, I see what you are saying.

Have you checked here to make sure your NAP policy is configured the way you want?

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doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
which policy do I need to check - specific please
It's in the article I posted. Specifically you would start with the system requirements for the TS Gateway NAP scenario. It would be impossible for me to tell you specifically what your issue is because I do not know how you have it configured.
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
This is all configured but I still get the message
U have checked that all users are allowed through RAP.
Have you checked that all computers are allowed in RAP policies under RD gateway manager ?
The RAP is nothing but you are accessing NAP policies only, but from RD Gateway manager

Ensure that The name (Common Name) of certificate and RD Gateway FQDN both are same, otherwise you will get errors no matter certificate is self signed \ domain based \ 3rd party

Also you must update RDP client on Win7 Machines to 8.1 version (Latest one)

Check new features of RDP 8.1 client

After client updating check if you are able to connect, it is required to connect to 2012 \ 2012 R2 RDS servers
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
If I access the site on the server it all works fine so it is definitely linked to remote access
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
The RDP client works fine

I am using the web access client:
I can log on no problem and get all the remote desktop icons but when I click on them I get the message described above

Sorry - I thought I made that clear in the opening question
Login into web access and accessing web app icon is two different things

When you use web app to connect to application hosted on RD Session host server, the requests are routed through RD Gateway server via RDP client

Can you please check RDP client version installed on client machine from where you are accessing RD Web Access URL
Open RDP client and right click top and check what is the version of RDP client
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
version 6.3.9600
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
Many ideas
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