Failed download

Youtube > logged in to Youtube but not Google > selected download > no bytes.
Changed to > quick download > no bytes.

I know there is a special add-on or plugin needed but my version of FF has not changed since I got that add-on

Why no bytes?

Vista + Firefox

LVL 25
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Try uninstalling the addin and then installing the below one.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
RealPlayer Cloud is free and works with FF & EE. Free download:
Try playing it a bit first nickg5 so the download helper can get a hook on the URL.
I find with some you need to play it at least halfway first.
As your using a dialup ( yes no?)  that is much slower internet speed may take a little longer for the download helper to get a connection to it.
Post the URL please
Download helper formats
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nickg5Author Commented:
It's the same computer used many times on the same site.

There may have been a Firefox update that changed something?
I got 0 bytes early in the year and the plug-in or add-on was the issue back then.
nickg5Author Commented:
I used CCleaner and that cleaned up my FF.
I used FF to open the link above and downloaded the add-on.
Then went to a video on Youtube and as you can see in the first image the download icon is there.

After that I went to another video and the icon is not there. See the second image.
I still had the window open so downloaded the add-on again. And the icon appeared.

I should not have to download it on each video.....?

I'll close FF and open it again and see if the icon is there.

Any ideas?
icon is thereicon is not there
nickg5Author Commented:
I was offered this and went ahead and took it.
nickg5Author Commented:
I closed the browser and opened it again. Whether I am logged in or not, there is no YTD helper icon below the video like it should be.
where is the icon?
Which browser are you using nickg5 that one looks like internet explorer? With those Tabs at the top have you switched browsers? from FF to IE?
I don't have the download helper installed in internet Explorer only FF, did a search for that particular video, if you could post a link to the problem video so I can test them.
Have you stopped using FF?
It's there in FF.
On FFTest it FF would you?
I'd probably just uninstall the download helper then get the right versions for each browsers
Internet Explorer
nickg5Author Commented:
Try uninstalling the addin and then installing the below one. 

Merete: I did the above from Roshan's post.
nickg5Author Commented:
I opened FF just now, and went to Youtube dot com, and clicked on the video.

It's not there and I am logged in to Youtube.
nickg5Author Commented:
I thought using FF to download the helper and for the other downloads was the best way and the way it would work. Not so it seems.
No need to be logged in to YTB nick5, that add on is not the same as the Download Helper add on?  Choose the second one that has the 3 coloured balls
Uninstall the other one if it doesn't work. Then check your extensions..
Could you check the general settings for the download helper in the extensions in FF, click on the bars then Add Ons>on the rightside of the Download helper click on options
If you had a recent updated it may have not re-enabled your original settings to have the download helper appear in different places.
Appearance of download helperDownload helper General preferences appearance
Part 1. Solutions to Repair DownloadHelper Addon
nickg5Author Commented:
My settings are the same as yours.
same settings
nickg5Author Commented:
I have my FF open.
I go here:

I enter John Denver in the window.
I get this:

I also see this:
new feature? and where is the download helper icon?
Awe I always feel very sad to remember how Jon Denver died in that plane crash.
ok at a guess you installed that other YTB downloader and this is how it behaves with those two incorporated together.
YouTube Video and Audio Downloader
And this one
Media Extractor
A Firefox extension to extract the original audio file embedded in video files
I was offered this and went ahead and took it. 

With these onboard probably changed the downloader helper icon  and "OR" you cant use download helper by the fact as it's showing this is not downloadable.

As I don't have those two my download helper still shows as the 3 coloured balls
I tested downloading it in FF and it fails
I tested in YTD pro it also fails shows zero bytes
I believe it is because it is in playlist and also this here>
Why cant you download YTB
Why cant you download YTB
So I searched youtube for the same song and get a list, I chose this one and it has no playlist,
nickg5 test this version of John Denver if you can download with that download you have now that problem is solved.
 And does the Download Helper appear??
If you still don't see the three balloons uninstall all of them and only  then in sequence install download helper from the link I provided above first.
Test it works then add in one of those to convert your download to audio.
 I copied the URL to my YTB downloader pro and it downloaded instantly also downloaded just fine in FF choosing quick download
FF downloading JDWhen you do a search for music and get a page list choose only video with not part of a playlist
When something is working fine and you install something else and the original stops working  just remove/uninstall the new  .
nickg5Author Commented:
I removed all 3 YTD helper add-ons.
I then used the FF link from Merete's comment > ID: 40427655
Then I used the link from comment > ID: 40404075
Now I had the two required ones less the 3rd one that was an extracter.
I went to Youtube, entered Baby Cortez and this was the link:
No YTD helper icon.
 removed all 3re-installed using links given by EE members.test with new video fails
nickg5Author Commented:
(September 4)

UPDATE September 5th:

We are aware of issues with Video DownloadHelper on Firefox 32 related to some changes on the Firefox cache API. This affects the network capture method (basically most sites but YouTube). A new version of DownloadHelper, 4.9.24 is pending approval at Mozilla.

............However if I download the extracter while a video is playing the DH icon appears. Changing to another video requires another download.

Has Google messed it up?

So what does the update mean? It will work fine with IE or Chrome?

You'd think a FF add-on would logically work best with FF.
Nick this seems to have caused more hassle than its maybe worth? Have you thought about switching to Google Chrome where multiple add ins/extensions can support this functionality or even just using a 3rd party website to download YouTube content?
nickg5Author Commented:
I like the download helper. It works fine. It always has.
Maybe the current bug is only with FF version 32.
I have not tried EE or Chrome.

Google owns Youtube now, and they own Chrome and they require a gmail account to log into Youtube.
Maybe just use a website which allows you to download YouTube content?

Try this FF add in?
Hi nickg5, just so you understand with all the testing we are doing I'm using FF on a windows 7 x 32 for your benefit, I don't have download helper in Chrome or internet explorer only with FF.
So far my tests prove in my FF the download helper icon appears on the youtube page with FF in two places regardless if that particular can be downloaded or not.
We have determined there are some youtube that cannot be downloaded with a message that file is unavailable and that has nothing to do with the missing download helper icon.
So searching for different video some will work some won't. That's solved

We checked that your download helper options is ticked to show  http:#a40429777 < by the way when you click on the tiny URL and takes you up to my post ,to save scrolling back down  just press the backspace in your browser to come back down here.

That being said there seems to be a problem with your FF and the download helper not showing the Download helper icons in youtube.
The current YTB web page you posted  the download helper is there
 YTB downloader icon with new YTBCheck your version of Firefox nickg5
I checked mine and found a restart was required. After reading up about some folks state that download helper doesn't  work using some version of FF, well I restarted FF and it still works.
FF restart required to updateFF updatedSourced from FF another option
First make sure DownloadHelper is really installed: go to Firefox menu "Tools" and check there is a "DownloadHelper" entry.
If so and you don't have the icon in the toolbar, click Firefox menu View/Toolbars/Customize. This opens the toolbar palette dialog. Locate the DownloadHelper icon and drag it back to the desired location in the toolbar.
DownloadHelper no longer shows with Firefox; how can I get its display back?

To show you I opened View>toolbars>customise> and dragged my download helper to the center and dragged it back
Drag download helper top right
nickg5Author Commented:
I have Vista so not seeing what you see on Windows 7.
When you post things from Windows 7 it can add some confusion.

You give me a link to a video where you see the YTD helper icon left side below the window. Not a screen shot, the actual URL.
I've been using the same links you provided nickg5
As you said>
I have my FF open.
I go here:
I enter John Denver in the window.
I get this:<< this doesn't work, the message I get in FF is file is not available,
so I did I search for John Denver and I posted the URL for the search and the video I used for you to test, look between the two  images> I have put it in a tiny URL with the words get a list and used this one.. http:#a40429879
Ok I'll post it again no tiny URL.  
John Denver - Live in Japan 81 - Take Me Home, Country Roads
and this one you provided and it downloads fine in my FF.
Larry Chance and The Earls - Remember Then/I Believe (PBS LIVE 2001)
nickg5Author Commented:
Your last URL opens and plays and has the YTD Helper icon. I then clicked on 15 different videos along the right side and none had the icon.

I'll take a look again at your recent comments.

I went to my FF, view, tool bars, customize and this is what I see.
So, I am not seeing the problem.
Ok I tested them for you as well, you say you tried 15 or whatever on the rightside with this John Denver - Live in Japan 81 - Take Me Home, Country Roads
Same here, I clicked on one after another on the right side and the page would change to that Youtube, the download helper does not appear below the YTB player video but the download word is still there, download helper is still up top right but not  spinning around.
Take Annie's Song no download helper icon but I click on the download  the download helper starts to spins up top right....go figure?
Using that Download I have two choices FLV or MP4 I chose mp4, up pops a dialogue box save or open, I save it and then Immediately the download helper springs into action  spins around,,that download arrow beside the download helper  pops out  and saves it complete,
 see image attached.
This is the youtube url
Annie's Song
I'd say there are some that the YTD downloader doesn't accept and since we have that second add on it functions instead .
Reminds me of one of your questions back away's where the download helper did not like mp4 only supported flv. Remember?
I'd say nearly all of these are mp4 now.
I bought Youtube Downloader Pro and use it and the YTB pro also has issues with some but only a rare few,, it states files not found. so could be a hidden script preventing downloading but allowing us to enjoy playing some of them.
 I only installed the download helper in FF for your benefit.
Solution seems to be on some video the Download Helper wont work with,
 use the download YTB video as mp4 extension instead.
Regards Merete
nickg5Author Commented:
We have a basic problem so all your images are confusing. We need less detail.

Here there is not even download button.
I don't know nickg5,
When I open this new YTB link in FF  I see both, DLH ( download Helper)  and the Download  everything is good.
I can download it with DLH.  It is FLV

I'm out of ideas and don't want to confuse you any further.
I suggest you fully remove FF/  and the download helper
Go to the menu >Tools/Add-ons. In the dialog box, choose DownloadHelper and click remove.  Close FF and restart Firefox to complete the uninstallation.( in that order)
Then close FF  again and uninstall it using this tool,
Instructions for removing Mozilla Firefox and other similar Mozilla products.
Download and install the Uninstall Tool

Make sure you have shockwave installed on your PC before reinstalling FF.
Then install the download helper
nickg5Author Commented:
Let's start over.
YTD helper is a FF add-on.
So, should I be going to Youtube with FF?

How does Chrome or IE know I have the YTD helper?

Ok, so I go to youtube using FF and Windows Vista.

Is there a video, URL, not a screen shot, but a URL to a video where you get the YTD helper icon in one or two places and I do not?
Why not?
YTD helper is a FF add-on.<< yes

So, should I be going to Youtube with FF?<< yes

How does Chrome or IE know I have the YTD helper?<< they don't.  Download helper is not installed on them only FF.

Ok, so I go to youtube using FF and Windows Vista.<< Yes I understand

Is there a video, URL, not a screen shot, but a URL to a video where you get the YTD helper icon in one or two places and I do not?<< I can do a screen capture but would take me an hour or so,
in the meantime here's all the video HELP on download Helper I'll have a search
nickg5Author Commented:
The only thing that has changed is Google owns Youtube now.
I've used the YTD helper many times.
Google is the new ingredient.

You are accessing Youtube with Windows 7 and ??

I've tried logging into my Youtube account and still see no download YTD icon.

Ok, so it is not on all videos.
Can we find a video where you see it and I do not?
If so post the URL and not the screen shot.
I'll have to post a screen shot to confirm to you, if I don't see the icon, that I do not.
nickg5Author Commented:
A screen shot is of no value.

I need the URL to a video where you see the icon.

The screen shot is from a totally different computer. I never see what you see.
I have looked at very little of the above because it is a step #1 basic problem.

You see an icon on "a video" and I do not see it on the same video.
That is a basic problem where some glaring something is missing.
You are accessing Youtube with Windows 7 and ?? <<For your benefit I am using only using Fire Fox with youtube and the download helper extension.
I've tried logging into my Youtube account and still see no download YTD icon.<<I am not logged into my youtube account.
Ok, so it is not on all videos. << correct, it is the same with my firefox some work some dont'
Can we find a video where you see it and I do not?

I've done a video capture now and will upload to drop box it will take about half n hour  to upload to drop box after I reduce it so tomorrow your time :)
It is 10.50 AM here Tuesday
nickg5Author Commented:
I've done a video capture now and will upload to drop box it will take about half n hour  to upload to drop box after I reduce it so tomorrow your time :)
It is 10.50 AM here Tuesday
............I'm lost on that. Video capture and drop box is too complicated. The basic problem is lost in the detail over my head.
I removed FF from my pc.
I used Chrome to download FF from the Mozilla site.
I had a link to get the download helper.
I now had the latest version of both.
I got a message that the helper would be installed when FF was re-started.
I clicked on re-start. FF restarted.
I used FF to go to www.youtubecom
Then I searched Larry Chance and the Earls - PBS 2001.
There was the same exact video.

HERE is where the problem begins............
There is no YTD helper icon anywhere. There is no button that says download except the "orange arrow" download below the video window.

Until we get past the fact that there is no YTD helper even though it is in my "add-on menu" it is there, then the rest is confusing.
no YTD helper icon any where. The Add-on is in the MENU.
Here it is, I captured the youtube page of

click on this  URL and a player will open, play
nickg5Author Commented:
I want the YTD helper icon on my computer not yours.
That URL is not going to help unless you will send me the URL for the 1000 videos I want to download.

Why do my pages not have the icon?
nickg5Author Commented:
I'm 5% from giving up. Something is wrong.
nickg5Author Commented:
Here it is, I captured the youtube page of

What is that supposed to be for?
The YTD helper is there.
I then clicked on video after video along the ride side, a total of 26 different videos and not a single one had the YTD helper icon to get the video.

I agree.
Download helper is not installing right in your FF?
Is it just a customization setting or something else?
I just had an update to my FF to version 33.1

Remember when you click on any of these tiny URL in my comments, to save scrolling all the way back down just hit the back arrow on the browser top left .

One thing I notice is in your snapshot http:#a40431861  FF window is in customize mode additional Tools and Features , why is download helper in there and not on the top right next to the down arrow like in mine?
Drag it over to the top right so it sits next to the down arrow, then click exit the customize panel.  Restart Firefox.
FF customize panel.Exiting the customize  now whenever you click on the bars> Add Ons it will immediately go to the Extensions page like you had here>http:#a40430476 << in here check the download helper options  like before> http:#a40429777
ok it and restart Fire Fox.
If you haven't already done it download again using firefox  get the add on "Download YouTube Videos as MP4,"  this adds the the download button
Remember to restart Fire Fox
The FF help page explains that some add on are updated and sometimes they don't, please read it.
How to Fix "DownloadHelper Not Working" Issues

All we want to achieve here is getting the downloader helper showing up top right.

We'll get to the bottom of it with patience ok.
 This youtube works in my FF, has the download helper and download etc and it downloads
Dave Baby Cortez Happy Organ

As I said before I only installed the download helper and the other download to mp4  in FF for your benefit,
 I use YouTube download pro. I don't like browser add ons too much trouble.
The Youtube downloader pro, there is a free version, I just add the url and click download.
But it will also refuse some with a message file not found.
So what I do is find similar that will.

Sleep onit nickg5 walk away for a while
nickg5Author Commented:
I'll glance at all the details but there seems to be a basic problem whereby I have the two required downloads (YTD helper and
But Firefox is not recognizing them as installed or they need to be enabled, etc. When in the settings and menu showing the add-ons, I see nothing apparent.
nickg5Author Commented:
I did what you see in the paragraph circled in orange. The YTD helper icon is shown at the end of the orange arrow. The 3 colored spheres are turning. It acts like it is ready to use.

I exited customize and the icon is no longer in there. That seemed correct.

But when I open a new FF as you can see indicated by the red ?, the 3 spheres are not colored and are not turning.

You said to restart FF. Closing the FF browser via the "x" and re-opening should be a restart = ?

The icon at the right top of the tool bar does not have 3 colored spheres rotating like on the window where the question on EE was open.

nickg5Author Commented:;appearance

That link shows an animated icon.
When I right click on my "non animated" icon, top right, and then click on preferences, my "appearance" window has all the items checked.

I closed all FF windows, opened a new one, used the "youtube" icon top right beside the non animated YTD helper icon, went to Youtube and viewed a video and the icon top right is not animated and can not be used.
It needs to be animated, spheres of color, and rotating.

Anyone use this with FF 33.1, Vista, and YTD download helper version 4.9.24.

Oh by the way, if I right click on the icon top right > about > the next window has the icon, full colors, spinning like crazy.

What has Google done to mess up this?
nickg5Author Commented:
This is crazy. The only FF browser and webpage where the YTD helper icon is in full color and spinning like a top is THIS one. Any other FF browsers and windows and webpages accessed with FF do not show an animated YTD helper icon.
Which is this one? You say>This is crazy. The only FF browser and webpage where the YTD helper icon is in full colour and spinning like a top is THIS one.

I don't understand what you mean when you say >>But when I open a new FF as you can see indicated by the red ?, the 3 spheres are not coloured and are not turning.<< that would seem normal the new page is not on a specific youtube video page is it?
When I open FF to the start page  ( no home page) the download helper is greyed out as well
When I open a new TAB!! download helper is greyed out,
 When I open a new window from the bars menu>all have the downloader helper but is greyed out and that is correct behaviour
I do not have the option ticked to show in status bar http:#a40429777 remember to use the backspace on the FF browser to bring you back down here..
When I go to a youtube page, this one for example
So Young : Kid Kyle and "The Students" << the download helper springs into colour and starts spinning top right. The download helper is below the video. Do you see the download helper with this video?
So young Kid Kyle and the Students
Are you using a new Private window?  from the bars top right of FF?
Firefox won't remember any history for this window.

When rightclicking anywhere on Fire Fox do you have the downloader helper
FF right click anywhereIf it all seems futile try Chrome web browser and install download helper for Chrome and then test some of the  youtube url pages we have covered in your question. Chrome download if you don't have it
Install Chrome first
Open Chrome then go here using Chrome download helper for Chrome,>>
and click on the FREE at the top , it will ask you to confirm new app. click add
Download helper for Chrome
nickg5Author Commented:
When right clicking anywhere on Fire Fox do you have the downloader helper?

Let's not go to Chrome or IE.

I got some positive results but curious results. Before I took some action, the only "webpage" where the icon was colorful and turning was THIS exact webpage on EE to this exact question.
It was not that way on any webpage opened with another FF or using the address bar above to leave this question and go any where.

So, for the fun of it I watched this video.
That video is from 2012, so I watched it for the fun of it.
He shows all the settings in the add-on and he left all of them the way they were.
I downloaded the helper his way. Tools > add-ons > get add-ons > then enter download helper in the search box > search > and get it > and click the restart button > extensions and see it.

He never went into customize and located the icon and drag it to the top right.
So, I followed the way he got it. Now I had it.
I went to Youtube and there it was top right, colorful and turning. I did not attempt to download a video. I only wanted to go from video to video and make sure the things stayed put. It did.
I went to other webpages. Hotmail dot com it is not colorful and turning. Ebay dot com it is.
So, today, I open FF to come to this question. I'm not logged in for some reason and it seems EE is not keeping me logged in. The icon was colorful but only until I entered my user name and password to login. I clicked login and it was not colored. Once logged in it was. I then went to youtube and it was not colored. But, when I opened a video on youtube it was.

It must think there is a video to load on this webage as well as Ebay. But, other webpages like outlook, hotmail it appears dormant or not colored.

So, it seems I have it now. Then next step, I assume will be to download the other add-on that was given by Roshan.

I hope that is the add-on that is needed to get the icon to appear on youtube, outside the left bottom corner of the video window.

Why? Because I do not currently have a download option. I've got the helper but nothing else it seems. I have what you see in this image.
So, I'll download the above add-on and that may be the next step to being able to download a video.
finally almost
Very good nickg
No matter which page I open in FF even EE pages the download helper is always present but greyed out, inactive.
Since you have now installed the plugin correctly did you go back to the preferences and check them http:#a40429777
Yes I have seen that  How To video before
Using the youtube URL Duprees in FF,
the download helper is located top right but not under the video!!  the download button below is there.
Interestingly if I close out FF and re-open that Duprees URL then DLH is there below the video? Go figure?
I believe these video where the download helper is not beneath the video,  Download Helper doesn't like, but try this
restart FF and go back to that youtube video is it now there?
 if it still wont appear even restarting FF
Just use the download button instead, choose download mp4
Explained here above http:#a40431942
Do you have this plugin?
Download YouTube Videos as MP4
Well I better give you another YouTube
How to download YouTube videos as MP4 using Mozilla Firefox
Duprees without Download Helper
 No Download helper DupreesRestarted FF and Duprees Download Helper now there
DLH now on Duprees
nickg5Author Commented:
Today I opened FF and went to a social media site. The YTD helper icon was gray.
I then clicked on the  + to open another window and went to Ebay. Icon was gray.
Then >  + > ESPN and the icon stayed gray.
Then > + > Hotmail and like magic it became colored and rotating.

Can you explain this behavior of the icon?
I then came here using Google Chrome and the icon is there top right and in full color. I never downloaded YTD helper for Chrome = ?
nickg5Author Commented:
Oh no.........!
I have not downloaded this add-on which I thought was required:

I go to Youtube and the icon is gray until I actually opened a video. It went colors. And sadly and for unexplainable reasons, the icon is below the left bottom corner of the video window. I though the above add-on was required for that.

Why is the icon down there are some videos (the ones you don't want) and not there on many others? What is missing?
Yes that what I see as well nickg5
 Lol the video we want is probably why we can't download them. Could contain copyrights.
The message I get when checking out these The file is not found.
Download helper only spins or goes into colour top right when the there is youtube video that you can download.
With some video I also see it below the youtube video, if not I try the download instead.
If it cannot be downloaded it stays grey and unactivated.

Then >  + > ESPN and the icon stayed Grey.<< it will not work on ESP or BBC etc
Then > + > Hotmail and like magic it became coloured and rotating.<< must have video you can download,  I find that surprising as Hotmail is not listed in the supported sites.
Download Helper can download videos from many websites, but not all.
Rightclick the the download helper and open the supported sites list
DLH supported sites
nickg5Author Commented:

So that add-on is not required?

If not required, then what does it do?
Technically 100% of all videos on that site are copyright protected.
There are other programs to download from Youtube as has been mentioned before by others. The YTD helper worked well for me when it was there to be used.
If those other programs can download video ABC from YT and FF YTDH can not download video ABC from YT then FF is losing out.
I have never seen YouTube Video and Audio Downloader  or used that nickg5, so i'd say no.
I think you were offered it when reading back from by Roshan.

Just use the download helper which you have,
by the way it's not called youtube downloader  could be why you get's called DownloadHelper, note it has the 3 coloured balls, that's one your using in your screenshots nickg5
this one>DownloadHelper
 Use DownloadHelper with
Download YouTube Videos as MP4 ( gives you the download button)
Then you have the same as I have.

Nickg5 you'll find that no video can be downloaded from specific sites using any tools. There are sites where you can get a membership/free or paid for and then they offer a player or downloading is available.
The reason you can not download those videos is because in order to do so, you would need to pay to access library.
There are many sites that disable the ability to download by using a protocol called RTMPE. (YouTube uses RTMPE for some videos as well.)
Mainly sites like CCN, ESPN, BBC. Or copy protected video and music.
regards Merete
FF extensions
nickg5Author Commented:
What does the add-on in the link you gave at the top?
What feature does it add to the download helper?

Ready go download a video and close the question.

Though Mr. Mallett's video was 2+ years old, getting the "helper" thru the FF > tools > was going around CNET and Mozilla and other trusted sites.
nickg5 this is still open?
Anyway I discovered something, as you know I have  youtube downloader pro and there are some YouTube video that fail with a file not available so I went to FF and pasted the URL the three balls spin with download helper I chose quick download with 3 balls  DLH under the video but stays at zero.
Failed and successI noticed they download arrow showed several attempts for FLV so I tried the download button and chose the highest quality of 720p and mp4  selected save the file and ok and it downloaded.
Maybe we have to choose the highest quality to match the video? and mp4 it fails on FLV
YTP that eventually downloaded using these settings
YTP that eventually downloaded using these settingsSo I tested it with another that YTD pro wouldn't download  from Internet Explorer with error  Failed file not available and I even played them half way.
Took the URL into FF clicked on Downloader helper chose quick download and it zero. Used the download chose the highest quality again save and ok and it downloaded as mp4 and no need to play them even when an hour long? Download took  a couple of minutes. The key is to save it to mp4, the failed zero bytes go to my desktop the successful to my downloads. Go figure.
2nd file success downloaded FF
nickg5Author Commented:
I opened FF and went to youtube and opened and played 10 different videos, different artists, etc. Only 3 had the color and rotating download helper. When the color icon was seen, I went back to one of the videos where it was not color but only gray. The icon stayed colored for about half the video and then went gray.

I'm not locating the download window when the icon is color. I click the down arrow beside the icon, or the icon itself, or tools > and not getting the choices of formats, etc. Where are they hidden now?

On one attempt with DH it captured the 20-30 second ad but not the video itself.
In other questions there have been some who said there are other programs beside DH. Will they all have a failure success rate the exact same as DH?

Can you randomly open and play (play only for a few seconds like 15 seconds) 20 different videos and see how many have the moving icon and how many not?
Some have the download helper greyed out but when I click on the download  it all works together it seems,
You should see the download tab all the time as it is the add on to download youtube as mp4  is not part of the download helper.
download youtube as mp4
nickg5Author Commented:
So this 2nd add-on is required to use the download helper?
Well actually they two separate add ons. see in my screenshot the download youtube as mp4 adds the button " download " clicking on more info next to it explains all about it.
As I see it some video will not download in download helper as FLV so the other download as mp4 solves that.
Then there are youtube video if notice the url has an s on the end these are the problem videos and seem to work using the download as mp4 add on
 Use DownloadHelper with
Download YouTube Videos as MP4 ( gives you the download button)
Then you have the same as I have.

see my comment

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nickg5Author Commented:
Questions still remain.
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