cryptowall 2.0

Looking for realtime protection against CryptoWall, including 2.0 variations.

Have been attacked twice, 1.0 and 2.0 .

SEP notifies when dropper is running, but not stop it.

Looking for known solutions that include corporate management tools.
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Antivirus alone cannot stop this.  A secondary protection that compliments Antivirus such as Malwarebytes is recommended.  There is a premium version of this program which offers realtime protection.

Another program that appears to be available is CryptoPrevent.  However, I have no experience with this program so I cannot provide testimonial.

Hope this helps.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
First, people invite this kind of virus in by clicking on rogue links ("I can help you", "I can speed up your PC", "Free Stuff") and Anti Virus does not stop this (although it can help).

Second, if hit, there is nothing you can do. The documents are gone, so make VERY certain you maintain good daily back ups.

Train your staff in good solid common sense.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
CryptoPrevent LInk
Don't forget to check for updates

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Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking

While there were several headline-grabbing ransomware attacks during in 2017, another big threat started appearing at the same time that didn’t get the same coverage – illicit cryptomining.

reefdweller, you should get an idea of methods within your OS that prevent programs from running unless whitelisted. Imagine that you could control what software runs on your machines in the first place - it's possible. Windows has implemented this since windows xp - it's called SRP "software restriction policies". Starting with windows 7, those SRPs were enhanced to form Applocker, which is a premium product, available to enterprise editions only. With it, you can define what software may start using GPOs.
That would quite reliably stop ANY present and future variant of these crypto viruses.

So if you are looking for "realtime protection" - this is what comes close, as opposed to AV products that will NEVER work "realtime".

The product that David has linked is based on Software restriction policies and tries to enhance those a little by providing an updated blacklist, to help the administrator configure it - but it is not needed to pay for such help, in my opinion, because it would be a more secure solution to deploy a whitelist instead.

If you need help on these technical aspects, come back with detailed questions.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:

Just wondering if any suggestion here got your issue resolved. If so, we'd appreciate it if you closed the question accordingly.

reefdweller19Author Commented:
The best simplest solution I found is CryptoPrevent from -
It is applicable to all variants and provides a deployable solution.
reefdweller19Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for reefdweller19's comment #a40665090

for the following reason:

Simply works. Inexpensive.
Why did you decide against whitelisting? It is more effective, deployable and free.
Crypto prevent was mentioned by a couple of us, you chose your own answer as solution?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The first and third expert comment was crypto prevent.. One with a link and the comment don't forget to update it.
reefdweller19Author Commented:
agreed. noob thanks you.
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