Is there any way to prevent my Microsoft account id from being displayed in the top right corner of Excel 2013?

I'm taking screen shots (using snagit) and was wondering if there's any way I can prevent MS Office 2013 from displaying my account information in the top right corner of Excel and Word?

The account information is often displayed with an exclamation mark indicating I'm not logged into my account. This seems to come and go and doesn't affect Excel operation but it adds inconsistency to my screen captures. Plus I'd rather not show my name of the screen captures.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
No, I do not think there is. I show up just as my name (no account info) so if I do a screen shot, I am OK with my own name.

I do LOTS of screen shots and routinely black out private information so one more such thing is no big deal.

I have a SnagIt bar style that is just wider that a standard line of type. So it is easy to black out with one swipe.

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I don't believe this is achievable due to the Microsoft/SkyDrive sync capabilities built into Office 2013.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
no it is part of the package
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ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
That's disappointing.

I'm using snagit 11.4.3 and have never been able to figure out how to create and save my own shape drawing tool style. I have to change the color of a preset shape (rectangle with solid fill) every time I use the tool to blank out my user id. Is there a way to add my own preset shape with the appropriate fill color?

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In SnagIt, select the tool that draws a line. Draw it, right click on it, choose a very thick bar and when done, add it to the favourites for bars. I do that and use it over and over again.
If you cannot disassociate your Microsoft account from MS-Office/MS-Excel (even when not logged in), could you create a new MS-Windows User account on your PC (that does not have an associated Microsoft account set-up), & take screen images with that?

As I have never set-up a Microsoft account all I see in the top right of MS-Excel 2013 is this...

MS-Excel 2013 Top Right Corner
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If subscription and if you want Office to update (good idea), then I think you need to be logged it. Better that and black out the name in SnagIt, I think.
If subscription and if you want Office to update (good idea), then I think you need to be logged it. Better that and black out the name in SnagIt, I think.

If all you wish to achieve is taking images of the screen, you do not need to be logged in.

As I said, you can create a new Windows Profile (User or Admin Account), & then remove it later.

ou81aswell has not indicated which version of MS-Office (subscription-based, or otherwise) is being used, in any respect.
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

I'm running Excel 2013 from the MS Action Pack  for developers.

It would be inconvenient to have to switch users in order to take screen shots (I keep noticing little inconsistencies and have to go back and change things in my development environment before re-taking the screen shot)  so I've gone the route of blanking it out using John's snagit method.
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
I had trouble creating my own "Quick Style" until John's message finally sunk in. I had to select a built in line style, draw it on my image, right click the object to modify its outline color (to that of Excel's background), change its width and then save that instance of the line object as a quick style.

I was also thrown by the term "SnagIt bar style" and "favorites" but have determined that in my version of SnagIt (11.4.3) this was under Tools -> Drawing Tools -> Line and "Save as Quick Style" in the object's context menu.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@ou81aswell  - Thanks for the updates and feedback and I was happy to help.
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