Wireless connection problem


I Have a  problerm with my toshiba satelitte pro. I cannot connect to my wireless network, I've tried everything

All it says is "Wireless association failed due to unknown reason" and sometimes it says " there seems to be a problem with one or more network adapters"

Everything is working properly in device manager but I'm still having
connection problems

The laptop in question is running windows vista and it's a few years old

help please
Shane GavinAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try reinstalling the Wireless NIC driver for that particular card and see if that helps.

Try connecting with NO security or just WEP to tests. This is not recommended but may help you troubleshoot.

If the above two steps do not help, the card may not be compliant with your router. Test the computer on a different router or try a USB Wireless NIC.
If John's suggestions does not help, you need to provide some more details, such as whether it used to connect to the router just fine, and whether other devices can now connect without problem, etc.
Does other clients on your network connect ok? Have you rebooted the router since? Definitely try the Network Adapter driver uninstall and then re-install, another thing to try is try to disable the network adapter and then re-enable it.
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Shane GavinAuthor Commented:
where do i go to find the reinstallation file download
Shane GavinAuthor Commented:
my other computer connects  and my mobile phone connect ok
What model laptop do you have so i can have a look for you? I need abit more info than toshiba satellite.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You need to go to the computer manufacturer's site to get the wireless download.

Go to Device Manager and properties for the card and you should be able to find the manufacturer of the card and then the driver.

Based on what you posted, the card may be older and not compliant so also keep the USB NIC in mind to test.
Shane GavinAuthor Commented:
Satelitte pro L300

thanks john
Shane GavinAuthor Commented:
Realtek RTL8102E thats for the ethernet
Uninstall that Realtek Driver and install the one listed here:


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Shane GavinAuthor Commented:
Connection back working

thanks to everyone for their help

kudos thumbs up
Glad i could help :)
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