Maleware affecting proxy settings

I have malware on my computer (not sure if that is the correct terminology) that is not allowing me to change my proxie settings. All of my internet browsers (chrome, IE, firefox) will not go online because of a "Proxy issue" When I go in and change the Proxy settings, it atomatically switches back. Outlook works just fine, just the browsers that don't.

I have run a McCafee full computer scan, also a scan using "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware". Neither could find the problem.

Any ideas? THanks!
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Ronald SchlageterCommented:

most of antivirus programms don`t find this malware/trojaner. Have a look for "adwcleaner von xplode", this tool works great for malware.
No installation, just run exe file. I use it once a month to check the systems.
Be aware to use a safe side for download this tool.

check also the all startup software with msconfig, unmark all you can not indentify,

Regards Ronald
cansevinAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I found something called AdwCleaner 3.311

Is that the correct program to run? I appreciate your help!
Ronald SchlageterCommented:
i have a newer version 4.001, but your version would help as well
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cansevinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ronard... found the 4.001 version and am running it now. Hope it works!!! Thanks for the help so far.
cansevinAuthor Commented:
It is currently running the scan. It has been stuck for the past 30 min. It is in "Analyzing Browsers", almost to the end. Literally hasn't moved in over 30 min. Should I be concerned?
Ronald SchlageterCommented:
Hi, sorry i was out of office for a while. How it works ? Can you resolve the problem ?
cansevinAuthor Commented:
No... having really tough time. I have also ran TDSkiller and Malwarebytes. Nothing seems to be finding the problem.

Any other idea you can suggest?

Thanks for the help! I also started another tread which seams to be getting very little help. Anything you can provide would help!
Ronald SchlageterCommented:
I don`t understand, the tool normally find all malware/trojaner.
Did the tool show any information  for software in the information field ?

Did you check system by run "msconfig.exe" ? Under "startup" you can unmark programms.
Try with minimal startup configuration.

Or try start pc in safe mode and repeat the scan with adwcleaner
cansevinAuthor Commented:
I tried in safemode and same thing happened.

Is there any chance I don't have malware, it is just my settings? Here are my symptoms:

1.) All my web browsers say "unable to connect to proxy settings"
2.) When I try to change the proxy setting and uncheck the "Use a proxy servier for your LAN" It allows me to change it, but then when I click back in it, they are changed right back.

In the Advanced Proxy setting it has an HTTP and Secure that I can't change, they are:

Http: with port of: 49585
Secure: with port of: 49585

the bottom of the proxy advanced setting is "Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with:


Not sure if that matters at all.
cansevinAuthor Commented:
I have no idea how... but I think I fixed it!!! I went into safe mode and change my proxy settings from there. I then went into the regular mode and they stayed changed!!!

Would you have any idea what the reason for this is? Does this mean I have a virus of some sort?
Ronald SchlageterCommented:
check your host and lmhostfile, may refer to a different page
Ronald SchlageterCommented:
should almost refer to localhost, try adwcleaner again, there is a new version since yesterday evening

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