NIM client installation in different gateway.

I am trying to nim installation on a lapar as a client. But my master nim gateway and client nim gateway is different. Is it possible to do nim client installation from master nim with different gateway?
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As long as the NIM server can successfully ping the client and the NIM client can successfully ping the master all NIM operations between them will work just fine.

NIM communications are essentially based on NFS and rsh (or its NIM variant nimsh).

sams20Author Commented:
Actually first, I was trying to define new lpar as a nim client on nim master with different gateway  but I got this error message,

0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":
   0042-051 m_mkmac: unable to resolve "newlpar_name"
        to an IP address
You must add  IP address and hostname of the new lpar to the NIM server's /etc/hosts file before trying to define it as a client.

NIM does not use DNS name resolution here!

Further, if the new lpar is in a network segment not yet known to the master you could define this segment as a NIM network beforehand, so you can choose a name for it and set some additional parameters, if desired. This is not mandatory, however.
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sams20Author Commented:
Here is the situation,
I had old_lpar  was defined as a nimclient on nim_master with same gateway and subnet musk. This new_lpar, I want to define as a new_nimclient  on same nim_master with different gateway than nim_master , but same subnet musk. I have separate new ip address for this new_lpar with old_lpar name, no separate name. I need to  install mksysb from old_lpar (which already available in nim_master) to new_lpar. In this case can I type new ip address with separate name than old_lpar name in /etc/hosts on nim_master and then define new_lpar with that separate name as a new nim_client  on same nim_master.
Yes, use a new hostname along with the new address. You can change the name later, once the mksysb installation is complete.

Network gateways and subnet masks are not of any importance as long as the machines can reach each other with ping, rsh (nimsh), tftp and NFS.
sams20Author Commented:
Defined nim_client was done properly. Network ping was success. But during boot I this error message, Reference code 0605 - Configuration of physical network boot device failed. My mksysb oslevel was 7100-02-01-xxxx, spot and lpp_source level also same.
1) During client definition, did you set "Cable Type" to "N/A" and "Speed" as well as "Duplex" to "Auto"?
Did you set "Default Gateway Used by Machine" and "Default Gateway Used by Master" to the correct values?
If you didn't please change the settings accordingly and retry.

2) When saying "Network ping was success", do you mean that you booted the new lpar into SMS, configured the network boot settings (client IP, server IP, netmask, gateway) and then successfully executed "Ping Test"?

3) Does the new lpar have a physical network adapter attached to it (no VIOS)? If so, it could be that the SPOT is missing the required driver for that device. Find out the adapter type, check the SPOT for the presence of the appropriate driver. If it's missing add the driver to the SPOT and retry the operation. Get the driver from Fix Central or from your installation DVD.

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