I need jquery to load a url in an iframe on another page

My bottom line question is, can I load a page (url) in one iFrame from a call by another page (url)  in its own iFrame on the same page?   All urls are on the same site.

I have a Main Page with four iFrames, each of which loads other page or urls.

One iFrame contains a Menu Page, which drives a Result Listing Page, and the results are drawn on Map Pages in the 3rd and 4th iFrames.

I need for the Menu Page to load the Results Page in its iFrame, preferably with $(document).ready(function(), then the  Results Page should, likewise, load the other two iFrames with the two Map Pages.

This would be easy if the menu was part of the Main Page, but, again, it is residing in its own iFrame on the Main Page.

Menu (in IFrame) ---> Result Page (in iFrame) --> 2 Map Pages (in two iFrames)

Can this be done?  If so, how?

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Parent page
<iframe name="framea" src="framea.html"></iframe>
<iframe name="frameb" src=""></iframe>

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top.frames['frameb'].location.href = "http://localhost/frameb.html";

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Ron1959Author Commented:

top.frames is not working for me.   Please keep in mind that all the iFrames are on the same Main Page, one is not nested in the other.

Any other ideas?


- Ron
Change to

parent.frames['frameb'].location.href = "http://localhost/frameb.html";

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Ron1959Author Commented:
No, that doesn't work for me either....
What browser, this works in FF and IE
Ron1959Author Commented:
I'm testing it in FF.
Ron1959Author Commented:
I think your solutions would work if the script was being called from the Main Page, but I need the script to run from within one of the iFrames on the Main Page, and that iFrame is a container for another page.
And thats what I showed you above - Frame A has the script and that loads whatever page in Frame B
If it's not working then something else is going on that is stopping it.
Can you put up a test page?
Ron1959Author Commented:
Here it is: http://www.libertytools.org/LibertyTools/mapping/LibertyMaps.php

The menu is right below the maps.  I want to be able to select some other parameters and click "Set" and refresh the list below the menu first (which queries a 200,000 record mysql database), and then the the list page should reload the maps, since they depend on the query from the list page.

You have iframe_result_list as the ID of the iframe - you need (as well) the name

Ron1959Author Commented:
Yes!   I know better than that.   Thanks for pointing out what I was blind to!

I'll accept your answer, above.

Ron1959Author Commented:
parent.frames['frameb'].location.href = "http://localhost/frameb.html";   worked exactly as I needed it to.  The only problem I had was my failure to include the name as well as id in the iFrame tag.
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