Final Adjustments to Data Clean up Macro

Please add code to clean up final two anomalies:

Anomaly 1: where Excel turns a building number into a date
Anomaly 2: where a space after a "/" causes building number to drop partly into road

Examples in the attached workbook

prior related question:
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hawkeye_zzzAuthor Commented:
I'm not very good at this am I! Two many buttons to push.
Attached now
Added code to cleanup routine for the "#/ #" problem.
Formatted column J as text.
I left my testing version of the code in the prior comment's attachment.  Removed in this version.

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hawkeye_zzzAuthor Commented:
Beautiful! Thank you so much
hawkeye_zzzAuthor Commented:
Beautiful work thank you!
You're welcome.

How long did it take the code to do the parsing? (rows/second)
hawkeye_zzzAuthor Commented:
About 7.5 seconds per 10,000 rows before the last two sets of updates, now about 8.5 seconds per 10,000. I'm running  Excel 2013 on a 64bit Windows 7 machine with 8GB RAM, and an i3 CPU at 3.68GHz. So about 1200 rows/sec.
Is that what you would expect?
yes. thanks
hawkeye_zzzAuthor Commented:
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