effective backup solution for outlook pst files for multiple users

We employ pop email accounts throughout the 40-50 users we have. Would like to find an effective solution to back up their pst files, without having to backup entire pst files (some in excess of 5GB) daily or weekly  Thanks
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look at Safe PST Backup.  It can do incremental backups.
columbiaGAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I have used it before, and it seems to backup the entire pst file each time, for a 5 or 6 GB pst file, that can be a large backup
looking to find a way to backup the pst without having to create a new copy each time, backup only the changes each time.......
columbiaGAuthor Commented:
for what you can do with a pst file, this solution seems to work best
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