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i have distribution list and i have enabled "send as" i want to know how do i make it so if a users send to it and i have enabled only accept emails from 1-2 people how do i set it so it tells all other users there emal did not deliver.
Jorge OcampoAsked:
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Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
You could use an exchange transport rule so if an email gets sent to that group from any email address that's not listed it produces a custom bounceback message in return. That may be the easiest way to do what you are wanting.
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
that would be to much stress on the server inspecting every message - any other way no transport rules
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
Not that I'm aware of for groups as there's no physical mailbox for it to work with. On a physical mailbox you could use Outlook/Server side rules for the mailbox itself to auto-respond if an email is not received from a specific address.

Suppose you could do this with a physical mailbox having the email address of the group and then have all email sent to that mailbox forwarded to the group/members from there but this increases the number of points of failure if it doesn't work for some reason.

Unless you are expecting a large number of emails (talking tens of thousands a day) or you have a very slow server I doubt a transport rule would place that much additional load on the system. We've used them for a number of clients in similar circumstances and never noticed any change in performance as a result of it.
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
yea company size 10,000 plus - estimated email 50,000 a day assuming everybody receives at least 5 emails.
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
That's quite a lot although saying that I'd still be surprised if a transport rule would cause that much of an impact as it's effectively doing less processing per message than say your anti-virus would do.

Still, if that's out of the question then the only other option I can think of would be the mailbox method noted above.

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