Parse a URL key value

I need to parse this:


I used QueryString("parm_name") to obtain this value.  I need the 245.  Now , I could just use Split or some other general parse mechanism, but is that a specific URL parse mechanism to do this?
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
If I understand correctly.. you're already using the normal way to parse a key/val URL, ..using "QueryString", ..and this string is the entire yes, you will have to parse it yourself.

Try this..

Dim val as string = cstr("<key><cv><c>ID</c><v>245</v></cv></key>").ToString.Replace("<v>", "~").Replace("</v>", "~").Split("~").GetValue(1).ToString

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
ok.  thanks.  I thought maybe I was doing something wrong,  I'm using a thirds party product that generates the WEB pages, so I suppose they are using this format on the URL parms.
Or you can parse the XML using system.xml - you can also easily access the rest of the string:
Imports System.XML
Public Sub test()
        Dim strData As String = "<key><cv><c>ID</c><v>245</v></cv></key>"
        Dim xmlDoc As New XmlDocument
        Dim xmlNode As XmlNodeList = xmlDoc.GetElementsByTagName("v")
End Sub

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
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