Carbon Copy Cloner to NAS folder in Library folder - OS X


I am trying to Carbon Copy Clone one folder and contents located:
/Library/FileMarker Server/Data/Backups

The issue I have is that the destination I am copying to is a NAS non HFS+ partition Synology DS412+

I don't want to make a boot-able partition or image, I simply want to schedule an automated task to backup some files remotely to a NAS. Is there a workaround to get this to work through using alias or virtual directory or am I going about this completely the wrong way?

I can backup other directories and files in the same task but it seems to have an issue with any files or folders that reside in Library or other core OS X Mavericks directories.
Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAsked:
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Why not just using rsync or scp to copy your /Library/FileMarkerServer/Data/Backups to the NAS ?
something like :
scp -rpd /Library/FileMarkerServer/Data/Backups root@NAS:/directory/on/the/nas/
rsync -azv /Library/FileMarkerServer/Data/Backups root@NAS:/directory/on/the/nas/

The next step would be to put that in a script, and the last step to place a schedule on it.

Another approach would be to mount a SMB directory of the NAS locally on your station using command smbmount ... or mount -t smb ... and then normal copy your folder to this local mountpoint.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
As far as I am aware CCC is based on the rsync engine anyway so it should be capable of doing this.

In the latest version of CCC you can backup from a source folder to a target folder on a mounted volume - so folder to folder backup is possible.

What error are you getting when you try and backup?
Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:
If I chose the NAS as a destination to clone to I get the attached message and the Library folder and sub-folders become greyed as though they are not able to be selected. The task runs fine and all files folders are copied except the ones specified that reside within Library folder.
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Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:
Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:

CCC will only back up system files to locally-attached HFS+ filesystems

OS X can only be installed on an HFS+ formatted volume. This requirement is also carried to a backup volume. When system files are copied to non-HFS+ filesystems, important metadata are invariably lost, resulting in files that cannot be restored to their original functionality. In short, you cannot restore a functional installation of OS X from a backup stored on a non-HFS+ volume. To prevent any misunderstandings about this limitation, CCC will exclude system files from a backup task if the destination is not a locally-attached, HFS+ formatted volume.
Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:
This seems like a very annoying limitation since in my case the library folder contains some select files I want backed up, I don't want a functional boot-able image, I simply just want to select some files and folders I want to backup. I am thinking possibly that it is better to use rsync in my case. It is a shame as CCC has a nice GUI and I thought it would have been useful for this task.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Yes, it looks like CCC is being "too clever" and assuming you want the OSX system files to be bootable.

Rsync works really well and if you want a GUI to help craft the script try ARRsync -

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Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:
I believe CCC have imposed a serious limitation on advanced users to molly coddle novice users :(

Please let me know if anyone knows a way round this, otherwise I will drop CCC and use rsync instead with a bash script and cron tabs.
rsync rules :)
Jeremy LeysTechnical LeadAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of these answers helped me, it is a shame I wasted money on CCC, it is a great tool, but not the right tool for what I needed, rsync is the right answer for me, works like a charm.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Look for a refund ??!! ;-)   Seeing as it is not fit for the purpose you purchased it for .. you are entitled and a surprising number of companies will refund.

CCC is still a great tool to make bootable backups and as an alternative to a TimeMachine backup solution .. I use CCC and TimeMachine on 2 external HDs to backup my mac
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