need to populate zip code column with zip codes based on street address, city and state

I have a spreadsheet of over 200,000 records.

In column G I have the street address, column i the city and col K the state (in two letter abbreviation: IL, MT, CA, etc).

What I need is a function that will populate column L (currently blank) with the correct zip code based on columns G, i and K.

Can anybody come with a function for me to do this? I need it right away.
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Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
Do you have the zip codes in any of your columns? Or you just want them to be fetched from somewhere else?
mabehrAuthor Commented:
no zip codes in spreadsheet. I need them fetched.
Haris DulicIT ArchitectCommented:

you can look at this site: there is some VBA developed but I didnt test it...

Or you can get this non-free add in..
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mabehrAuthor Commented:
the top one doesn't seem like it's valid anymore. the bottom (cdx) looks like it works but only does 1000 in the non-registered version.

Close but no cigar yet.
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
The VBA code listed in the Excel Forum thread appears to have some issues, namely the fact that Yahoo shut down the GeoCoder app.

CDXZipStream (or other third-party geo-based software) looks like the way to go.  They at least have a 30-day trial for you to test (1000).  Pay the money and get it done.

mabehrAuthor Commented:
It's a one time need that is part of another small project that my company would not pay for. My hope was that someone in experts-exchange could come up with a function that would do this without having to pay for an application I will never have to use again.
Haris DulicIT ArchitectCommented:

not to get you disappointed here is another option. If you can get you data to Google spreadsheet you can get your data from there (see attached).. Code is using Address, city, state and getting you the zip code. Here is the code :

=Mid(importHTML(CONCATENATE("!input.action?resultMode=0&companyName=&address1=" & A1 & "&address2=&city=" & B1 & "&state=" & C1 & "&urbanCode=&postalCode=&zip="),"list",15),Find( C1,importHTML(CONCATENATE("!input.action?resultMode=0&companyName=&address1=" & A1 & "&address2=&city="  & B1& "&state=" & C1 & "&urbanCode=&postalCode=&zip="),"list",15))+2,11)

Open in new window

Enter some values in the A1, B1, C1 and then paste the formula in D1 you will get zip code...
mabehrAuthor Commented:
Wow! Thanks for that Haris. I'll try it when I get into my office in the am and let you know.
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
Isn't there a retrieval limit of 50 addresses/day with that site?  I read that in. Some other web threads on this need.
I recently stumbled upon this website/list while I was looking for some Postalcode/zip code checking in a client's database. I used the 'allcountries' version, since records contained data from all over the world (about 60 countries):
I imported in Access and removed the long/lat info. It's then relatively easy to wrap some functions around it to fetch the correct zip info. If you only need the US info you could download all the separate states and join them or download the allcountries file and delete everything not US.

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mabehrAuthor Commented:
Haris, I tried the google option with the inserted code and almost all of them come back with an error: Error:
"In FIND evaluation, cannot find 'GA' within 'Government Services ›'."
mabehrAuthor Commented:
It will take a few more steps but this solution is a good beginning. Thank you.
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