Database Setup

Hi All,

I'm looking to setup a simple database for my own use in either Access or MS SQL.  I need to know the best way to setup the tables.  Here is the information I will be collecting:

Skills (could be up to 15 items)
Company Contact
Phone Number
Email Address
Description (could be a few paragraphs)


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Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
If you are after sample schemas then you can refer to microsoft blogs where in you could get scripts ready for use

If you are after capturing only these

Skills (could be up to 15 items)
Company Contact
Phone Number
Email Address
Description (could be a few paragraphs)

Then Store the Personal Details like Email address,Position,Company in a single table
and the rest like
Company , Company Contact in one table
Person Details, Skills in one more table

vis-a-vis, see how many one-one relationships are present between items and group them in a single table
if there are one-many or many-many relationships then identify the key item which is basis of the relationships and store them in a separate table..
Johny BravoCommented:
1. Skills
SkillId int PK
SkillName varchar(200)

CompanyId int PK
Company varchar(200)
Company Contact varchar(100)
Phone Number varchar(20)
Email Address varchar(80)
Description  varchar(200)

(CompanyId + SkillId Primary key)
Jack_son_Author Commented:
ok, thanks; how could I attach a resume?
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Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
Store it in a clob column.. Create a column in resume table.. And attach a bfile to corresponding candidate I'd

Table Resume(
Candidate_id number,
Person_id number,
Resume clob)
Jack_son_Author Commented:
thanks; I have decided to use MySQL, does this type of clob column exist?
Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
Not an expert in Mysql but it should be there.. .. Check this link for an illustration of declaring and using clobs in mysql
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
You should be able to do what you want within access itself (no need for MySQL).
Check out "Long Binary Data" and BLOBS
Access typically displays the text "Long Binary Data" in a field when it contains a BLOB (Binary Large Object). A BLOB can be any type of binary data, and is most commonly a copy of a file, such as a JPEG photo or other Graphic Image. The BLOB field contains a Byte-for-Byte copy of the file, so it can easily be extracted back to the File System resulting in an identical copy of the original file.

Rather than including huge amount of data within the database file itself, I think you should consider keeping the resumes in a relative folder. The path to that folder/files can be held in a table record and displayed on a form or report (an icon type hyperlink would look nice). This type of solution is much better (and simpler) than bloating the database and leaving it more vulnerable to corruption.

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