IE gets "Page not Found" when navigating to sites.

I have a client with Windows Vista x64 who is unable to reach any of the sites with Internet Explorer.  She gets a "Page cannot be displayed" message.

I have tried Safe Mode with networking, IE Safe Mode, sfc /scannow, scanned with Malwarebytes and with SuperAntiSpyware and have not been able to resolve the error.

There is no problem with pinging the site nor with browsing to it with Mozilla Firefox.  There is nothing in the Hosts file that refers to

I have reset security in IE and have added to the Trusted Sites list.

I ran nslookup on my computer and used that IP address in her browser (it works in mine).

I have disabled Windows Firewall and also the A/V program.

None of these things (other than using Firefox) allowed to be displayed.

What am I missing here?
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Have you tried resetting IE?
Can you log on (create a new user if necessary) as a different user and access it?

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I have seen several instances where IE 9+ just stops working on some site.  Yahoo and Facebook are two that I've seen.  I couldn't find out what was blocking the connection.  I usually switch customers to other browsers, Firefox or Chrome, at that point.
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
If you create another User on that computer then tries to browse the is that work on that same PC?

Just wanted to check if this is related to the User's profile or the system.

Then please run the following tools on the PC and  post the logs:



Download 32bit:

Download 64bit:



Download Link:

So in your next reply post the RogueKiller logs and AdwCleaner

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CompProbSolvAuthor Commented:
I am not clear on what you mean by "resetting IE".

I have not tried setting up another user, but will give that a shot when I have access again.

I will give a shot at the utilities that were recommended.
Tools > Internet Options
Advanced tab
Reset button
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Hi Gary,

In the question it is been done already.

.................I have reset security in IE and have added to the Trusted Sites list........................

"There is nothing in the Hosts file that refers to"
Has the HOSTS file been modified in any way, or is it still the default text?
CompProbSolvAuthor Commented:
The HOSTS file had a long list of entries that Spybot installed long ago.  I searched for "live" in the file and didn't find it.

When I get access to the computer again I will get rid of the HOSTS file and see if that has any effect.
Re-setting the HOSTS file to default is a good idea.
I haven't used SpyBot for many years so have no opinion.

If you want to add one back when you get this fixed, the folks at MVPS do a great job with theirs:
Has she tried Chrome?
the fact pages open in FF
Internet Explorer version 11?
In the address bar if you take the S on the end off like this  www.httpS:// to www.http// 
Does she have a Microsoft account?
Whenever I access a web page that uses Microsoft in some way I get a login live in the address bar using Chrome and as I have it saved in Chrome it just shows that for a sec then opens the web page.
 Please test IE

In order to use this other than having a Microsoft account she also need to install silver light for Internet Explorer
download the latest Silverlight:
Verify your installation by experiencing the Silverlight site.
What is Microsoft Silverlight?
@Merete -
Have you ever personally been able to install IE 11 on Vista 64 bit?
If so, I'm sure the developers at MS would love to know how you did that.

Why do you say that Silverlight is needed for That is simply not true.
I ran into this just yesterday. I opened IE went to
Tools->Internet Options->Advanced tab
Scroll down to the security section and make sure all the SSL and TLS options are check marked.
CompProbSolvAuthor Commented:
I apologize for the long delay in responding here.  I had been unable to access the client's computer for an extended period of time and now the client is replacing the computer.

Thank you all for your suggestions.
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