Multiple Static Routes

I am trying to implement VoIP with SIP trunks on my network. I have a campus environment with three campuses and one centralized CORE Switch (Cisco 4510) in the data center at the main campus.

On the Cisco 4510 I have a voice vlan and vlan interface for the voice network at each campus. At the remote campuses I have Cisco 3750 as the distribution switch and Cisco 3560 as the access layer switch. The Cisco 3750 has a trunk to the Cisco 4510 allowing ALL vlans across an I have another trunk from the Cisco 3750 to the Cisco 3560 allowing ALL vlans.

The problem I am facing is there are SIP trunks at each campus that connects to the Providers MPLS network. Each campus is to send voice traffic to their local SIP trunk, not across the WAN. On the Cisco 4510, there is a static route to the providers network ( Since ALL the voice vlans and vlan interfaces reside on the Cisco 4510, how do I send the voice traffic across the local SIP trunk at each campus?

Can I have multiple static routes to the providers network?
Do I have to create the vlans and vlan interfaces on the Cisco 3750 and 3560 at each campus?
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Sounds like you need to implement Policy Based Routing (PBR).

You can specify a policy (traffic sourced from a particular IP address or using a specific protocol/port) and then define how that traffic is routed.

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rweaver313Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick response. I am not familiar with setting up Policy Based Routing so excuse me if I'm somewhat confused. Can you provide an example. Here is what I need to accomplish:

Campus A
static route to

Campus B
static route to

Do I setup the PBR on the Cisco 4510?
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Kind of hard to say without a better understanding of the topology.

But here's the idea:

Create an ACL to define the traffic
access-list 1 permit

Open in new window

Then create a route-map to define what happens to traffic that matches the ACL
route-map alpha permit 10
 match ip address 1
 set ip next-hop <>

Open in new window

Finally, apply this to the interface that will be receiving the traffic that you want to route.
interface VLAN 8
 ip policy route-map alpha

Open in new window

The result is that any traffic arriving (inbound) on the VLAN 8 interface is subject to the route map.  If the traffic is coming from the network, it will be forwarded to the next hop address of regardless of what's in the routing table.

If the traffic isn't coming from the network, then it will be forwarded based on the routing table.
rweaver313Author Commented:
I think I get it, i will give it a try.

If I were to create a static route from the providers network to my entire voice network (, would that work as well? Would this allow any ip on the voice network to access their network and vice versa?

Example: ip route
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
That will direct any traffic to the network to
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