Windows 8.1 Loss of mapped drive, networked drive disconnects

Hi All,
I having an ad hoc issue to access shared folders on a windows  file server ( server 2012)  which folders are attach to windows 8.1 enterprise as mapped drives.  Time to time mapped folders disappears on  windows 8.1, later need reconnect..

Have tried solution mentioned in below

I have turn-off the auto-disconnect feature  by command prompt and  registry
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Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerCommented:
I assume you don't have any settings for power savings like turn off drives or standby on the server.  How about standby on the workstation in question?   Does the problem happen after a restart or just random during use?
Try to reproduce the issue on clean installations of 8.x to if it's a problem at the server end or not.
V0LUMEAuthor Commented:
Thank you for replies

This problem occurs randomly only on windows 8.1.. while users work on 8.1 mapped drives get disconnected ad-hoc manner
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And on clean systems?
V0LUMEAuthor Commented:
it happens to a batch of users which had new laptops recently. There is about 5 people and they all had the laptops built at the same time with 8.1. They all work from the same branch office, but they did say it happens when they are at HQ also.
With "clean systems" I mean installations that have no software installed, only windows 8.x and all updates. New laptops are not considered clean when all kind of softwares come preinstalled.
V0LUMEAuthor Commented:
I don't have a 'Clean System' available for testing, but I can confirm that there are other users which have the same laptop and don't have the issue. We have around 25 of the same laptops and only 5 are experiencing the problem, unless the others didn't report it.
V0LUMEAuthor Commented:
Hi , you can close this issue, we have resolved it.Thank you
You will have to close it yourself by explainig what you have done to solve it and select that as your answer.
V0LUMEAuthor Commented:
Setting GPO drive mapping from Replace to Update, solved the issue.

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V0LUMEAuthor Commented:
I took over this issue from previous administrator, none of these solutions worked in past. These systems were replaced from Windows 7 to windows 8.1 on windows 2012 domain.
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