Lotus Notes mail can not display in send item after send out

Hi All

           I have a problem with lotus notes webmail, recently when i try to send out e-mail from webmail, after i send out the mail, and i cant see the mail that i send out will display in send item box, also i looked at the "all doucment" folder cant find either, and the mail i send out can deliver to the receiver, and it working well in the notes client, any idea how to fix this ?

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
No clue (yet). Please supply more info: O/S, browser, Domino release, mail template version, etc.
Mayavan RTechnical ConsultantCommented:
1. Open iNotes and log in.
2.Set “Always” in iNotes Preferences – [Mail] – [General] – [Save sent mail], and save a preference.

If still mail not saved in sent Item then you can try rebuilding all views in the mailfile

Note : If date and time set to future then mail will not be saved.
piaakitAuthor Commented:
Realized the mail that i send out in webmail will change to the date in 2013 june 20, what causes such problem ? i actually send on 2014 oct 29, and i have checked  ->  Set “Always” in iNotes Preferences – [Mail] – [General] – [Save sent mail], and save a preference.  , is set to save send copy, Please help !

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Mayavan RTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Check Time settings of Inotes and OS time. Make sure it sync well.

Try after replace design of Mail template.

If still has issues, Let me know Domino version you are using. Thanks
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Are you the only one in your organisation experiencing this particular problem? And please, can you give us some more info (see my first reply)? Are you a user or a (Domino) Admin?

Please try to access your mail (Inotes) on another PC and check if still you have these issues or not .
Also, do you have the same issues with Lotus Notes ? If you access your mail on Lotus Notes do you still have the same issue ?
Did you ( or your Administrator) run - Load fixup -f ..... Load updall -r .... Load compact -c against your mailbox ?
Or rfresh design , replace design and Ctrl + Shift + F9

Best Wishes .
piaakitAuthor Commented:
i have tried to logon this problem mailbox on other computer, also got this problem, and checked the computer & domino server, the time & date is correct, and the domino version is 8.5, and i,m the IT Support i do not know domino well, and i'm using IE 10 , for the Domino release, mail template version i need to check , thx
Hi ,,,

What about the other part of my previous comment ....... Did you try it ?
"Did you ( or your Administrator) run - Load fixup -f ..... Load updall -r .... Load compact -c against your mailbox ?
 Or rfresh design , replace design and Ctrl + Shift + F9"
Moreover,  most of my users who use Inotes face similar problems with IE11 and I always recommend them to degrade it to IE9 ... Could you please give it a shut and degrade the IE to v 9.

Thanks ..

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Better use Firefox or Chrome...
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