MacBook Pro slow and strang behavior

I have a MacBook Pro I am working on with an i7 CPU and 4gigs memory running 10.10. I have ran ccleaner, and installed sophos antivirus which found one item that I removed. When logging in after putting in her password, a progress bar show below her sign in name. I have never seen this before, and can not see any programs I haven't heard of listed. Is there a better virus scanner, or does anyone have an idea what is causing that?
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I am guessing the progress bar is Sophos running a scan. Try uninstalling Sophos and see if the progress bar goes away.
jvillareal78Author Commented:
This progress bar was there before I installed Sophos. I just never seen this before when logging into a Mac.
It may be the user account is a mobile account and is syncing upon login.
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Did you upgrade to Yosemite recently?  It may be that the Video driver got corrupted.  I had users with the symptom you described when rebooting.  The progress bar would reach about halfway, then get stuck.  PRAM resets didn't fix it and neither did the SMC reset.

Hold the shift key when booting to boot into single user mode.  Then fix the display settings by changing it to some other resolution, then changing it back.  Reboot normally.  I found this to be happening with a few users that upgraded.  One user lost video when they unplugged their external monitor.  One user had app window display issues where parts of the window elements remained when you dragged the window( thought it was a overheated video card ).  They all got stuck during boot.
jvillareal78Author Commented:
Here is where the progress bar show up. I have several Macs on 10.10 and no others show this behavior.image1.jpeg
Does it ever complete the login? I have not installed 10.10 yet but I would still think that user has a mobile account on that computer and it is syncing or trying to sync with a server. If you open System Preferences and click on Users, it will tell you if it is a mobile account by the user name.
Are you able to log in with a local account that has Admin privileges?

If you are, then maybe you can run a Disk Repair from DiskUtility.  You could also check the logs for something that may have cause the stall.  You might also consider moving her Library folder out of the way and letting the system create a new folder for her account.  Maybe there's a configuration setting that it's getting stuck on.  You can put back the Original folder after the test.

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jvillareal78Author Commented:
I know her account is a local admin account, the only one created. I know how to create new accounts, and run Disk Repair. How would I look into the log files and how do I move the Library folder?
If you know how to use the command line, you can look in /var/log for the log files.  Otherwise open up and you can peruse the logs there.

Have you tried booting into safe mode?  Hold the shift key after you hear the chime.  You can let go once you see the Apple Logo.  If you do get in, try creating another admin account first to see if the other account logs in ok.  If it does, then the account settings are bad.  The quickest or easiest way is to move or rename the Library folder on the command line.  The user's Library folder contains all the user's app preferences.  Its in /Users/USERNAME/Library  In your case it may possibly be in /Users/katrinasheck/Library
jvillareal78Author Commented:
Created separate account and still got the bar. formatted drive and installed a backup from before the bar started appearing.
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