match values from two different spreadsheets and insert

I have a spreadsheet, (US_2.xls) that has:
Col A: zip code; Col B: City; Col C: State (in CA, MO, MT format).

I have another spreadsheet (Maptitude_FMG_AllGoodEmails_2.xlsm) that has over 200,000 records:
Col i: City; Col J: State (in CA, MO, MT format); and Col K zip code (currently with no values).

They are both in the same folder.

I need a function to do the following:

In US_2.xls where Col B and Col C = Col i and Col J in Maptitude_FMG_AllGoodEmails_2.xlsm, insert the zip code from US_2.xls into Col K of Maptitude_FMG_AllGoodEmails_2.xlsm.

And, where there is more than one zip code for a city format Col K as: 94598|94599|94597 (or some other separator) and so on. Some cities will have many.
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Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:

press with control shift Enter
mabehrAuthor Commented:
Thanks Professor.

I input this formula into row 2 of the Maptitude spreadsheet and it gave me as a result: #NAME?

pressing control, shift, enter while in this cell didn't seem to do anything.
Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
the ofMaptitude_FMG_AllGoodEmails_2.xlsm and ofUS_2.xls  that i used, is not the string to be exactly put in the formula. i used them as a metaphor to indicate reference of the workbook.  

if you could post a dummy file, then i would put the formula in the cell for you.
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mabehrAuthor Commented:
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Mabehr - I don't believe the formula above from Prof JimJam was meant to be copied literally as he has typed it. For example, where he has "A:AofUS_2.xls" he is expecting you to convert that to the relevant sheet so would end up as "[US_2.xls]Sheet1!A:A" or similar.

Pressing Control, Shift & Enter is to confirm the entry into the cell, instead of just pressing enter. If you ahve already pressed enter, press F2 to go into Edit mode and then press Control, Shift & Enter.

Rob H
Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
check the attached file.  i created some dummy zipcodes and see the result
mabehrAuthor Commented:
not sure what I'm doing wrong. please see attached
mabehrAuthor Commented:
Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
see this formula insert while both of the below files are open  =INDEX(US_2.xls!$A:$A,MATCH('FMG All Good Emails_July_Apport'!I2&'FMG All Good Emails_July_Apport'!J2,US_2.xls!$B:$B&US_2.xls!$C:$C,0))


both files attached.
mabehrAuthor Commented:
still not getting results. Inserting the formula you state above with both open (US_2.xls and Maptitude_FMG_AllGoodEmails_2.xlsm) but get a #N/A response. See attached and also uploaded the US_2.xls if that helps.

mabehrAuthor Commented:
hmmm... I'm selecting US_2.xls but it uploads and posts on ee as US-2.xls.

Professor JMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
you get N/A error becuase check your city name and state in the I and J they are completely different and cannot be found in the US_2.xls file.  now i have put some data from the US_2.xls file into the main file and it works.  check the attached files.

both files must be saved in same location and both of them need to be open to work.

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mabehrAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I think this works. The problem is, as you said, it can't find the data from US_2.xls which is a problem I'm going to post a question for next. I'll post a copy of it here if you care to look at it. Thank you.
mabehrAuthor Commented:
mabehrAuthor Commented:
So now, getting back to this question.

I now have USZipOnly.xls, (instead of US_2.xls) and when I replace
US_2.xls with USZipOnly.xls in the above function I do get results but I should be getting multiple results for almost all cities
as almost all cities have more than one zip code.

Can this solution/function be updated so what it will return multiple zip codes per city in this format?

94597|94598|94599 and so on?

I will ask this on another question and post a link to it here.
mabehrAuthor Commented:
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