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I have a client who runs a peer-to-peer network (he refuses to use servers...long story, don't ask). He is very anal about security and is in the process of upgrading parts of his network. I am now tasked with finding a firewall that meets, at a minimum, the following requirements:

Inbound/Outbound E-mail Scanning (SMTP/POP3), w/rules for attachment handling and other business requirements.

Internet websites blacklist/whitelist, granular settings by user/node/IP address. AD/DS is not and will not be used in this network.

Internet connectivity failover.

Dual power supplies, preferably hot-swappable.

Site-to-site VPN capability.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) for management. Does not want cloud management capability, if it does can it be turned off?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations/comments/snippets!!!
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Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerCommented:
I would recommend Checkpoint for any firewall solution.  I am not sure on the dual power supply part, but the rest they for sure will meet your needs.

How would you identify users with no authentication on this site?

Internet connectivity failover - BGP routing with his own AS system or just two ISP providers without AS system just for surfing to the public network?
YortAuthor Commented:
@DataPro - Thanks. I will research Checkpoint.

@Matt - I am hoping we can use static IP addresses/NetBIOS names as the means of identification. Failover would simply be two ISPs, so if the primary goes down the firewall can failover to the backup connection.
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Ben StirlingOperations Technology AnalystCommented:
Sphos UTM formally Astaro they have some good options for the SMB

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For the size of your network, I would point you toward Watchguard.  Quick and easy GUI with granular control based on any number of parameters.  It will give you surfing controls based on combo of categories and specified, email control and scanning/quarantine. You can also upgrade the box for application control.

Definitely worth a look.
madunix (Fadi SODAH)Commented:
You could check Fortigate, Sonic Wall,  Check-point, Juniper ..etc, A list of software/appliances:

Check fortinet, they have a good products such as 1500D
1. Frewall throughput minimum 40Gbps.
2. VPN throughput 17Gbps
3. Support up to 6 million concurrent sessions.
4. Support up to 2000 IPSec VPN peers.
5. At least 2x10GE SFP+ ports and 12x 10/100/1000 RJ45
6. Support VPN clustering and load balancing
7. Support Active/Active and Active/Standby HA
8. Power supply redundancy.
9. Support IPS
10. Integrated IPS throughput should not be less than 6Gbps
11. Able to provide stateful inspection capabilities
12. Able to support Network Address Translations(NAT)
13. Capable of supporting ssh, telnet web  management methods:
14. Capable of preventing Denial of Service attacks.
15. Support Virtual domains / Security zones Min. 10/250
YortAuthor Commented:
@Ben Stirling: Thank you. We have opted for the Sophos UTM as it has everything we need.

Thank you to everyone else for the is appreciated.
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