Email from HVAC system

We installed a new HVAC system that is capable of sending out alerts.  The main network on one vlan and the hvac is on another vlan.  The smtp settings are setup the same way they are on all of our other systems and work fine.  The hvac will not send out emails.  I have tried allowing access to the main network vlan with no success as well.  Any ides?
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What version of Exchange are you using? How do you have your SMTP configuration setup on the sending node? Is the sender address a real mail account or is it just a made up mail name?

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dcitdirAuthor Commented:
Exchange 2010.    The sender address is a made up address.  I have an Anonymous Relay setup and have put in the IP addresses of the devices.
Can you review your tracking log and see if the E-Mail is actually even making it to your servers?
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dcitdirAuthor Commented:
It does not appear to be making it to the servers.
Does the HVAC have the ability to run ping or traceroute/tracert?

Can the Exchange server ping the HVAC system?
dcitdirAuthor Commented:
No ability to do anything from the HVAC system.  I am able to ping HVAC from my other servers but not the exchange server.
So it looks like something in your network is preventing you from reaching the exchange server from hvac and vice versa.
Are the other servers on the same subnet as the Exchange server?

If the Exchange server is on the same subnet as the other servers that can ping the HVAC, then either the Exchange server has a firewall or you have another device that is restricting/blocking traffic between the Exchange server and the HVAC system.
dcitdirAuthor Commented:
All the servers are on the same subnet.  I will have to do some more testing today to see where the traffic is stopping.
Please check if you are missing the smtp authentication on the device.

Even if the email is not real, the device has to sign in into the SMTP to be able to send, this is by default since 2010 unless you change the settings on your SMTP connector which is not recommended as anyone or anything will be able to relay messages using your server.... we don't want that!!!!
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