I have a purchased server 2012 r2 standard and 5 user CALs. RDS role is added, but how to install the User Cal license to five AD user to remote desktop?

I have a purchased server 2012 r2 standard and 5 user CALs. RDS role is added, but how to install the User Cal license to five AD user to remote desktop? As of now there are five AD users and as expected only Administrator and another user can remote desktop as of now. I want to make all the five users to remote desktop at the same time using five user CALs. How to add the five User CAL LICENCE i got on  a printed paper to the server and attach to the five users.

Also it says the RDS is valid only for 119 days without an RDS license. Is it a seperate license? I was under the impression that the five user CALS will take care of five Remote Desktop Connections. Please help.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
There are Windows CALs - for accessing the server's standard resources - files, printers, DHCP, DNS, Authentication...

And there are RDS CALs - which are required if you want to use RDS on the server.  CALs are ADDITIVE in almost all circumstances (I can't recall one where there aren't).  That means that you must buy Windows CALs and then RDS CALs separately.

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KAMAL RAJAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the responses. I could not find a way to apply the so called 5 USER CALs I purchased from Microsoft. It is printed on  a sheet of paper and like using the Server 2012 product key sticker I was expecting a window to enter the 5 User CALs . How to use this User CALs?

Secondly , when I installed the RDS role, it say another 119 days to buy license. Does this means that I need to buy an RDS license so that the 119 days restriction will go away AND then buy RDS USER licenses ( depending upon the number of users). ??
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
User CALs are DOCUMENTED.  You document (paper or something) who the license is assigned to.  It's transferable once every 90 days unless you terminate an employee -- then it's immediately transferable to their replacement.

RDS CALs DO need to be installed in the RDS License Manager.  RDS itself doesn't require an additional license.
Lee is spot on.  Standard server CALs are just documented.  They are not actually installed.  RDS CALs on the other hand are installed.

The warning you are seeing is alerting you that you have unlimited access to the RDS server in a trial capacity for the remaining amount of time (in your case, 119 days).  Once the 119 days are up, your users can no longer connect to the RDS server unless there are licenses installed.

KAMAL RAJAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for response. So I understood that, The five User CALs are just for documentation to take care of any legal issues. So technically one can create upto 75 Users in Server 2012 R2 Standard, even without a single User CAL, but it is illegal. Legally to create 75 Users as domain users, who will use server resources like DHCP or File sharing etc, one has to purchase 75 User Cals and file / document it. Is this correct??

Secondly, If I have 119 or whatever days left for RDS,  for 5 User company ( with 5 User CALs purchased) all the five users can  use Remote Desktop Services for upto four months .  This was what I guessed. But even though I have 117 days now, when the third user logs into remote desktop, the server kicks out any one of the first two users. HOw this happens. ? Technically the server 2012 should allow more than two users ( or upto 75 users Max for Standard edition ) to use the remote desktop services for four months. Could you please explain this.

I did make the following change , but still it is allowing only Administrator plus one more user to connect the remote desktop. Why is this?

For the first question, no that is not true, you can create as many users as you want in Active Directory, Client Access Licenses determine how many of those users (or devices) can be connected and utilizing server resources at the same time.

Sounds like you have RDS setup in administrative mode and not terminal services mode.


Also the setting you referenced only determines how many sessions a user can have on an RDS server at the same time and has nothing to do with how many users can connect at the same time.

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